b'THE JUDICIAL CASE MANAGEMENT AND 20% OFFLEGAL ETHICS TOOLKIT / JAN-MAR COURSESThis 10-day course combines:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Recognise the key tenets and tools of a modern caseJudicial Case Management05 days management strategy, including electronic case management Judicial and Legal Ethics05 days Demonstrate judicial independence and integrity through effective case handling This in-depth programme will equip delegates to face challengesAssess judicial independence and accountability and undertakerelated to case management and ethics within the judicial system,performance evaluation two issues which impact on judiciaries around the world.Understand common ethical issues and risks and learn to manage them effectively Week one will take delegates through the principles of effective Put in place strategies to reduce any corruption in your judiciary case management to ensure efficiency and transparency. The programme will explore the need for efficient case owKEY TOPICS management and securing the cooperation of the many agencies Improving judicial case management practices involved in judicial administration. You will study international Monitoring and evaluation of case management procedures reforms and best practices including lessons learned from recent Practising case management skills in a supportive environment justice system reforms in England and Wales. Delegates will hear Developing judicial codes of conduct, guidance, monitoring andfrom expert guest speakers on the judges role in court and visit a training based on internationally recognised standards and bestcourt to see lessons learned in action. practiceCombating corruption in judicial systems Week two will outline the key principles and globally recognisedCreating a system for dealing fairly with complaints aboutstandards of ethical legal and judicial behaviour, including thejudicial behaviourimportance of transparent procedures for judicial appointments. Delegates will explore the importance of public perception and trustDURATION FEEDATE VENUEin judicial integrity, codes of conduct, dealing with complaints and tackling corruption. 10 DAYS 4,195 15 - 26 March 2021 London25 October - 05 November 2021 London20% JUDICIAL CASE MANAGEMENT / OFFJAN-MAR COURSESIncreasingly, judges and other judicial officers have to tackle everMake use of special measures to protect the vulnerable more complex issues in managing cases. With this has come moreUse technology to support case management emphasis on the need for effective case ow management, giving Set appropriate and challenging performance targets andcourts new responsibilities to secure the cooperation of the many monitor your teams performance agencies involved in judicial administration. KEY TOPICS This course will take a detailed look at the principles and Establishing an improved case management system techniques for the development and management of a modern, Promoting judicial leadership as an essential caseefficient, fair and transparent systemnot only from the courts management tool perspective, but also considering the obligations and Practising your case management skills in a supportive learningresponsibilities of others involved in the administrations of justice. environmentDeployment of limited resources in the efficient and transparentIt includes a comprehensive review of the lessons learned from administration of justice recent justice system reforms in England and Wales, designed to Critical examination of judicial case management practicesimprove efficiency and effectiveness.through attendance at a live courtroom sessionMonitoring and evaluation of case management procedures The course includes inputs from expert guest speakers on the judges role in court, supplemented with a site visit to observe theThis is week one of The Judicial Case Management and Legal system in practice.Ethics Toolkit. COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:DURATION FEEDATE VENUE Recognise the key tenets of a modern and successful case 05 DAYS2,49522 - 26 March 2021 Londonmanagement strategyDemonstrate your judicial independence and integrity through25 - 29 October 2021London effective case handlingInuence the behaviour of others by the appropriate use of case management directionsConduct a pre-trial review hearing and proactively monitor the progress of a case 96e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'