b'THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 20% OFFAND LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT / JAN-MAR COURSESThis two-week programme combines:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Gain insight into your emotional intelligenceEmotional Intelligence: Enhancing Management05 days Use IQ and EQ together to make more considered and smarterand Leadership Impact (approved by the Institute ofbusiness decisions and build better relationships Leadership & Management) Understand what it takes to develop and sustain highDeveloping High Performing Teams05 days performing teamsDevelop your skills and knowledge as a people manager This comprehensive programme will take you on a journey of self-Understand the organisational culture and climate required todevelopment to become a better manager able to empower teams stimulate consistent high performanceto achieve a greater vision and purpose. Through a study of Develop your team members skills through skilful coachingemotional intelligence (EQ), management styles and leadership qualities you will become more resilient, have better workKEY TOPICS relationships and make smarter and more authentic decisions for The power and importance of emotional intelligence in theboth yourself and your team.modern workplaceEmpathy, listening skills and tuning in to the feelings of others In week one, delegates will work with a leading expert in the eld of Improving resilience and managing stress and the emotionalEQ to develop insights into what makes an emotionally intelligent aspects of change leader and develop their skills to be able to use this to a positive The recipe for successful team development: dening visioneffect in the workplace.and roles, measuring success, overcoming challengesBuilding on strengths as a manager and working onIn week two, the focus will be on driving the development and weaknesses output of a high performing team. Delegates will explore the core Key communication skillsareas of management, team development strategies and the Successful management of any dysfunctional aspects ofaspects of performance and change management that are a teamnecessary to enable your team members to perform their roles to the highest standard. DURATION FEE DATE VENUE 10 DAYS4,25001 - 12 March 2021 London 18 - 29 October 2021 London20% DEVELOPING HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS / OFFJAN-MAR COURSESMost of us work in teams, but a high performing team is more than Develop your team members skills through skilful coachingjust a group of people who happen to work together. Its a collection conversations of individuals who collaborate and share a common vision and purpose, striving to achieve their goals. A high performingKEY TOPICS organisation succeeds or fails on the strength or weaknesses of the The recipe for successful team development: dening visionteams within it. and roles, measuring success, overcoming challengesUnderstanding yourself as a people managerbuilding onThe job of a successful manager is to enable his/her team members strengths and working on weaknesses to perform in their roles at the highest standards and to exceed Performance management essentials expectations in their delivery of set objectives. That is why having Key communication skills for building and maintaining teamteam development and people management skills that get the morale most out of people are so essential for anyone who has Leading teams through change management responsibilities. It also requires a high degree of self-Successfully managing any dysfunctional aspects of a team awareness of key strengths, weaknesses and motivations on the part of a manager.This course is also available as a remote training delivery.This course is essential for all managers who want to buildThis is week two of The Emotional Intelligence and Leadership successful teams that consistently exceed expectations and toToolkit. increase their own skills and knowledge as an emotionally intelligentDURATION FEE DATE VENUEmanager. Delegates will explore core areas of the role of a team leader, team development strategies, essentials of successful05 DAYS2,49508 - 12 March 2021London teamwork, aspects of performance and change management.25 - 29 October 2021London COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:REMOTE TRAINING COURSES Understand what it takes to develop and sustain high performing teamsDURATION FEEDATEVENUE Develop your skills and attitude as a people manager03 DAYS1,29501 - 03 March 2021 Remote TrainingUnderstand the organisational culture and climate required to stimulate consistent high performance 06 - 08 December 2021Remote Training30e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'