b'THE WRITING AND PRESENTATIONSKILLS TOOLKIT /This two-week programme combines:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Plan, structure and write with increased skill and condence,Business Writing with Impact05 days whatever the subject or delivery method (including meetingWriting and Delivering Speeches and Presentations05 days minutes) with Impact Understand key writing techniques that achieve clear and concise language that delivers with impact The art of rhetoric remains one of the most important modes of Tackle difficult questions with uency and avoid classic trapspersuasion and inuence, while written communications are often and pitfalls the basis for critical business decisions. The Writing and Employ essential project management skills to work effectivelyPresentations Skills Toolkit combines two specialist programmes and hit deadlines and is designed to give you the skills and condence needed to Overcome nerves to present with authority and clarity write and deliver speeches, presentations and business reports essential to your organisation and career development. KEY TOPICSIdentifying different types of business writing and the bestThese two weeks will equip delegates with the tools needed to write format and structure concise and compelling business copy in any format and deliver Structure and sentence construction, best use of English andspeeches or presentations that engage and convince your jargon busters audience.Writing captivating and memorable speeches and presentationsDelivering speeches and presentations that inuence andIn week one, delegates will be guided through the process of writing engage your audiencewithin a business context, including planning, structure, style and common English-language pitfalls. In week two, the focus is on theDURATION FEEDATE VENUEwriting and delivery of speeches and presentations.10 DAYS 4,195 17 - 28 May 2021 London The programme will culminate in a practical exercise, drawing upon 15 - 26 November 2021 Londonthe skills learned throughout the two weeks; delegates will write and present a presentation or speech which will be videoed and given a professional and constructive critique.BUSINESS WRITING WITH IMPACT /At some stage, all managers will be called on to write; this couldEmploy essential project management skills to workbe anything from a 500-page report or detailed business plan toeffectively and hit writing deadlines an email.Present your ideas with assuranceThese written communications are often used as the basis forKEY TOPICS critical decision making and can have far reaching consequences. Identifying different types of business writing and the mostBeing able to provide clear, concise and well-thought-out written effective format and structurecommunications is a highly valuable skill and an important tool for Improving structure and sentence construction andcareer advancement. eliminating jargonDesign optionsuse of graphics, illustrations and presentingWhether short or long, simple or complex, the principles of effective technical or specialist content business writing are the same and can be learned. Finding the data you need for reports and presentationsThe review and editing process This highly practical and hands-on course will cover all stages of how to write effectively in the business context. It looks at how toThis course is also available as a remote training delivery. devise a clear plan having identied what needs to be communicated, decide the most effective structure and writeThis is week one of The Writing and Presentations Skills Toolkit andsentences that communicate exactly what you want to say withoutThe Analysis and Reporting Toolkit.padding or waffle.DURATION FEEDATE VENUE05 DAYS2,49517 - 21 May 2021 London At the end of the course you will present part of your work to yourfellow delegates and receive constructive feedback. 15 - 19 November 2021 London COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:REMOTE TRAINING COURSES Plan, structure and write with increased skill and condenceDURATION FEEDATEVENUE Deliver better writing, whatever the mediumincludes a focus on how to take clear and concise minutes03 DAYS1,29521 - 23 June 2021Remote TrainingUnderstand key writing techniques to achieve clear and concise 13 - 15 September 2021 Remote Training language that has an impact 102e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'