b'CUSTOMISED TRAINING PROGRAMMESWhen delivering customised training programmes, we work closely with our clients to establish a detailed knowledge of their specic issues and what they want to achieve. We then design tailored solutions that can be delivered whenever and wherever suits the clients requirements.We have so far designed and implemented customised training programmes for governments and organisations all over the world.4,00050025072,000 We have trained over 4,000We have delivered export andIn partnership with the UN, Our capacity building with the National Bank of Ethiopia andtrade training to over 500we have supported over 250Government of Rwanda is rolling Commercial Bank of EthiopiaEuropean small businesses Procurement and Contractout to train over 72,000 staff in management andManagers working to rebuild Iraq smallholder farmers technical nancial services Our customised training programmes can be tailored to t the clients exact needs and we can adapt any content to their unique business or cultural context. This means that we can deliver customised programmes at a time and in a location that suits the client, whether this be in their home country or abroad. This method often results in signicant savings for our clients on travel and accommodation and is a cost-effective way to train groups of staff.Programmes are often sponsored by major international donors and institutions such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, United Nations, USAID and GIZ. We can follow established donor procurement processes and even support clients to identify and secure this funding. In 2020, due to the global travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic,we expanded our remote training capacity to be able to offer customised online training courses for organisations around the world. Through our high-quality digital training offer we were able to meet our clients capacity building needs even when we werent able to meet them face-to-face.We have adapted to the limitations imposed by the pandemic by adjusting our training approach and delivery to t the new world order. Some of the recent pivots we have made on our customised training programmes include:Building the Export Capacity of SMEs in Greece for the European Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentThis ongoing programme equips delegates from a range of industry sectors in Greece with the skills and knowledge to develop enhanced export and business strategies to access and compete in the international market. Since June, we have pivoted to deliver all courses remotely, using the Zoom platform. Strategic Management and Leadership Skills training for the Central Bank of NigeriaThis digital course was constructed using elements of a ipped classroom methodology, with learning delivered through a combination of live online sessions and self-study using online workbook materials. (see page 33). Banking Strategy and Management training for Berhan Bank S.C. This was our rst face-to-face course following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating safety measures such as the use of PPE, paperless teaching, social distancing measures and strict hygiene protocols in the training room and venue, we were able to demonstrate that face-to-face training can be delivered safely and effectively with the right precautions in place. (see page 68).Were proud to include further case studies throughout this directory showcasing our recent customised projects worldwide.'