b'WRITING AND DELIVERING SPEECHES AND PRESENTATIONS WITH IMPACT /Even in the modern age, the art of rhetoric remains one of the mostCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: important modes of persuasion and inuence. Write and structure an impactful speech or presentation for yourself or other people The ability to write and deliver an impactful speech or presentation Use the techniques and rhetorical devices used by professionals is a truly valuable skillset and one that will increase your condence Overcome nerves to present with authority and clarity in all areas of professional life. Tackle disruptions or difficult questions with uencyAvoid classic traps and pitfalls As this intensive and highly interactive one-week course proves, =anyone can learn, improve, hone and polish the key tools andKEY TOPICS techniques of the speech or presentation writer and maker. Writing captivating and memorable speeches and presentationsDrawing out the messages and optimum structure for impact Delegates will watch and undertake close textual analyses of real-Delivering speeches and presentations that inuence andlife examples of great speeches and presentations, with plenty of engage your audience lively debate and discussion about their structure, devices, use of language and other tricks of the trade.This is week two of The Writing and Presentations Skills Toolkit. The week culminates in a practical exercise with a speech orDURATION FEEDATE VENUEpresentation writing and delivery assignment. Your performance will be videoed and given a professional critique in a supportive05 DAYS2,49524 - 28 May 2021London environment. 22 - 26 November 2021London Whether you write them for yourself or for other people, bring along a real-life example and return to the office with a professional speech or presentation and the condence to deliver it with impact.THE ANALYSIS AND REPORTING TOOLKIT /This two-week programme combines:Present information and draw conclusions and recommendations from data analysisBusiness Writing with Impact05 days Plan, structure and write with increased skill and condence Data and Statistical Analysis and Presentation 05 days Apply key writing techniques to achieve clear, concise andimpactful languageManagers working in all disciplines now need sufficient data and Present your ideas with greater assurance and inuence statistical skills to intelligently gather, analyse, interpret and utilise data to drive decisions. Equally, their written communications areKEY TOPICS often used as the basis for critical decision making and can have far-reaching consequences. Being able to provide clear, concise and Statistical thinking, decision making and strategic analysis well thought-through written communications and data analysis is a Organisational data sets, databases and data interrogationhighly valuable skill and an important tool for career advancement. Big Data and data mining Data tools, what-if analysis and statistical functions This hands-on combination course will explore how to effectively Overview of advanced statistical tools and applications andanalyse data and approach problem-solving from a statistics machine learning (AI) perspective, as well as examining all stages of how to write Data presentation: graphical, tabular and descriptive effectively in the business context. Delegates will learn simple data summaries and conclusions analysis and statistical skills, mining Big Data, and how to Tailoring presentations to the recipients needs effectively present information and draw conclusions for enhanced Identifying different types of business writing and the bestdecision making.format and structureStructure and sentence constructionjargon busters Delegates will also explore how to devise a clear plan, having Design options: graphics, illustrations and presenting identied what needs to be communicated, decide the most technical or specialist contents effective structure and write reports that are relevant, concise, The review and editing processcoherent and compelling. DURATION FEEDATE VENUEThis course will cover key basic statisticsattendees do not require prior knowledge of statistics. 10 DAYS 4,195 17 - 28 May 2021 LondonCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: 15 - 26 November 2021 London Identify how to extract organisational data and data setsUse data and statistical analysis techniques and modelsw: crownagents.com/training 103'