b'THE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 20% OFF(DPRO) TOOLKIT / JAN-MAR COURSESThis 20-day programme combines:KEY TOPICSPhases of a programme and project life cycle Project Management of Development Projects10 days Project design, initiation and planning (Project DPro Level 1 Certicate)Project governance and organisation Programme Management of Development Programmes 10 days Logframe tool and theories of change (Program DPro Level 1 Certicate) Complex stakeholder managementProject implementation, project control and project triangle This course gives delegates the opportunity to complete the Project Risk and issue management DPro and Program DPro Levels 1 certications. These internationally Monitoring, reporting and evaluationrecognised certications are designed for professionals with Projects, Programmes and Portfolio Managementexperience of working in a project or programme-based Programme phases and principlesenvironment and have been specically developed for the Programme identication and design international development sector. Programme planning, implementation and closureTheory of ChangeIn the rst two weeks, delegates will gain a comprehensive The Programme Manager: Skills and Competencies grounding in project management concepts, processes and practice. The planning and management of projects that are highABOUT THE PROJECT DPRO AND PROGRAM DPRO CERTIFICATIONS: quality, on time and on budget will be a key focus. This is aProject DPro and Program DPro are internationally recognised foundation-level course. certications developed by PM4NGOs and APMG International. Award of the Project DPro Level 1 and Program DPro Level 1 certications by During the nal two weeks, delegates will build on this knowledge toAPMG will require passing online multiple-choice examinations. After learn about managing programmes, which are more complex andpassing the certication exams participants will be able to display usually involve the management of multiple projects. the Project DPro Level 1 and Program DPro Level 1 digital badges. The course includes integrated preparation for the optional ProjectDURATION FEEDATE VENUEDPro Level 1 certication exam which may be taken at the end of week two, and the Program DPro Level 1 certication exam which20 DAYS7,250 01 - 26 March 2021Dubai may be taken at the end of week four.20 September - 15 October 2021 Washington D.C.PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OF 20% DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMESOFFJAN-MAR (Program DPro Level 1 Certicate) / COURSESThis two-week course is aligned with the internationally recognised Deliver high quality public sector, humanitarian, developmentProgram DPro Certicate.and environmental programmesAddress the challenge of coordination, creating synergiesProgram DPro is the progression from the Project DPro certication between projects and maximizing the impact of programmes and is designed for professionals with experience of working in a Develop innovative solutions that allow country and regionalproject or programme-based environment who would like to teams to be responsive develop their skills further through an exploration of best practices and tools contextualized to the international development sector. KEY TOPICSIt moves on from the grounding in project management conceptsManaging complexityand processes covered in Project DPro and provides public sectorProjects, Programmes and Portfolio Managementofficials and other development professionals with advice, tools andProgramme phases and principlesguidance to assist them to more effectively full their role, whetherDisciplines of programme managementthat be at the local, regional or international level. It will enableProgramme identication, design, planning and implementationdelegates to offer leadership to project managers and their teams,Programme closure and to align projects with the goals and overarching strategy ofTheory of Changetheir organisation. The Programme Manager: Skills and CompetenciesOn this comprehensive and hands-on course, delegates will workABOUT THE PROGRAM DPRO LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION: through real-life project scenarios and hear from experiencedProgram DPro is an internationally recognised certication development professionals. The course includes integratedprogramme, developed by PM4NGOs and APMG International. Award preparation for the optional Program DPro Level 1 Certicate examof the Program DPro certication by APMG will require passing an which may be taken at the end of week two. It is strongly recommended that delegates sitting for Program DPro Level 1online multiple-choice examination at the end of the second week certication exam complete the Project DPro Level 1 certication rst. of the course. After passing the certication exam participants will be able to display the Program DPro Level 1 digital badge.COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Perform as a fully-edged programme manager, able to offer DURATION FEE DATE VENUE leadership to project managers and their teams10 DAYS4,45015 - 26 March 2021DubaiAlign projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an organisation04 - 15 October 2021Washington D.C.76e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'