b'CASE STUDYBUILDING GOOD GOVERNANCE CAPACITY ON BEHALF OF TATHYA LEARNING IN NEPAL /In October 2019, Crown Agents was commissioned to deliver a customised three-day training programme based on our open programme, Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives, on behalf of Tathya Learning Pvt Ltd., headed by Santosh Lamichhane. The programme was delivered to 11 senior officials representing the banking, insurance and legal sectors in Nepal to support the delegates respective organisations aims of building a strong corporate governance framework.THE PROJECTtaught how to understand and use effective information This programme was designed to demonstrate and investigatemanagement and integrated assurance best practice. recognised global good practice corporate governance standards and expectations. One of Tathya Learnings key objectives was toTHE IMPACT enable senior managers in Nepal to recognise the nature andThe course was well received by participants, with 100% of components of effective integrated frameworks for good corporatedelegates stating that it met not just the course objectives, but also governance, and to assist them to implement the structural,their personal learning objectives. All of the delegates also agreed process, behavioural, compliance, risk and performancethat what they had learnt would have a positive impact on their imperatives needed within a robust accountability framework withinworkplace performance going forward. their organisations. Feedback from those who attended included: Benetting from the expertise of our leading public sectorgovernance trainers and guest speakers, the delegates developedIt was a great experience to have such an in-depth understanding of the key principles of goodtraining at Crown Agents. governance. The course addressed the links between organisational compliance and effective performance, with a focus on Board effectiveness under a good corporate governance framework, including direction, decision making, oversight and stakeholder engagement.Delegates were also equipped with the skills to undertake effective risk governance, risk management and internal control measures. To support the implementation of governance processes, they were'