b'LOAN NEGOTIATION AND EVALUATION /The impact of various nancial crises and the tightening of credit Evaluate different sources of nance and determine their markets has reduced the borrowing options available to appropriateness for funding various types of project governments. In addition, the cost of the credit that is available has Apply nancial evaluation techniques to appraise variousgone up substantially, leading to a heightened need for sources of nance and assess the nancial impact of debtgovernments to conduct a critical evaluation of different borrowing restructuring options and to negotiate the most favourable terms. Understand the process of reviewing the debt portfolio and assessing the impact on the portfolio of contracting newThis course will build the analytical skills of participants and provide borrowing them with the necessary tools to evaluate different nancing Appreciate the process of issuing government securities options, as well as empowering them to select and negotiate the most appropriate terms. It will guide delegates to acquire aKEY TOPICS complete understanding of nancial markets and different The borrowing cycle creditors, and the need to achieve the appropriate balance between What and when to negotiate borrowing cost and associated risk. Legal and institutional frameworks for government borrowingAvailable nancing optionsCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Structure of loan agreementsUnderstand the relevance of debt management in the widerInterpretation of loan agreementsmacroeconomic and public nancial management context,Techniques for nancial evaluationincluding coordination with scal and monetary policy Assessing the impact of new borrowingUnderstand the building blocks of loan evaluation, includingThe impact of portfolio indicatorsthe loan cycle and the relevance of legislation Principles and processes of negotiation Interpret loan and bond agreements, including evaluation of theNegotiation skills, techniques and strategies nancial terms of different loan and bond options and, alongPractical simulation of a loan negotiation with an analysis of the legal terms, make recommendations on the most suitable option from a cost and risk perspectiveDURATION FEE DATE VENUE Understand the practical processes involved in loan 10 DAYS4,19517 - 28 May 2021 Washington D.C.negotiations15 - 26 November 2021 LondonINTERNATIONAL TAX AND TRANSFER PRICING /This course explores international corporate taxation and will equip Understand the tools and techniques undertaken by a taxyou to understand the complexities of international tax and adopt administration to identify and mitigate against transfer pricingbest practice approaches to transfer pricing.problemsThe impact of cross-border transactions on revenue collection, andKEY TOPICS the design of effective tax systems, should be of key importance to Principles of direct taxation and their implications in designingtax policy makers and administrators. Structures and prices are not a cross-border tax framework always set fairly, resulting in signicant implications for the Interaction of domestic tax laws and international tax treaties collection of taxes. At the same time, tax systems and Features of model treaties (OECD and UN) administration can deter the inbound investment that can be Taxation of foreign income and gains critical for economic growth. Withholding taxes and double taxation reliefDenition and occurrence of transfer pricing Week one focuses on the relationship of corporate taxation toAdjustment of transfer prices and taxable prots investment, with particular attention to the role of international tax Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs) treaties. Week two focuses on mechanisms for collecting tax, with Negotiations through tax treaty competent authority particular attention to the effect of transfer pricing rules that Domestic tax avoidance and thin capitalisation rulesaddress pricing distortions in transactions within multinationals. DURATION FEE DATE VENUECOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Identify the key direct tax principles that underpin an effective 10 DAYS4,19519 - 30 April 2021Dubaiframework for cross-border taxation27 September - 08 October 2021 London Understand the OECD and UN Model Tax Conventions and develop the knowledge to approach tax treaty issues with condenceExplain how transfer pricing is legislated in local tax law and strategiesAppreciate where mispricing and potential tax revenue leakage may occurw: crownagents.com/training 59'