b'CASE STUDYSTRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS TRAINING FOR THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA /In November 2020, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) commissioned Crown Agents to deliver a 5-day training course for 23 employees from the Banks Security Services department. The aim of this training was to provide delegates with the skills and knowledge to assist the implementation of their vision and supporting strategies, and to enhance their understanding of what it takes to be an effective and successful leader.Due to the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, FEEDBACK INCLUDED:CBN requested this course to be delivered remotely over the Zoom platform. The programme was constructed using elements of a The training conducted by Crown Agents remotely through ipped classroom methodology, with learning delivered through athe Zoom platform was a valuable personal development combination of live online sessions and self-study using onlineopportunity for me. It made me realise that as a team leader,workbook materials. we are exposed to a motley of situational leadership styles to use and it is helpful to be critically mindful of balancing the This comprehensive training course combined an examination oftendency to use one over others. In addition, the training innovative and strategic thinking with a study of emotionalstrengthened my conviction to develop a disposition that every intelligence in a leadership context. Participants were encouraged to consider their own behaviour in the context of the Securitymember of the team can receive support in coaching to help Services department, and the role emotional intelligence can playone perform better, such as using the GROW model. Another in delivering effective leadership. valuable dimension for me was the place of creativity and innovation in organizational leadership and culture change.The course also included a consideration of the importance ofThe practical sessions during the course were very helpful in effective mentoring in successful leadership. Using practicalbringing learning deliverables into workplace realities and it exercises and case studies, delegates gained clear insights intowas interesting to see my colleagues being immersed in the how mentoring can be used to build more successful andvarious role plays and discussions.productive individuals, teams and organisations. On a personal note, my key takeaways from the training include ON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, DELEGATES WERE ABLE TO: periodic conduct of audit of my team in terms of each personsIdentify their own preferred leadership style and behaviours, working style, orientation and personal competence and usingand its impact on their team and organisationsuch knowledge to inclusively map a coaching process toApply innovative methods to develop strategic options that take optimize team performance. It also challenged me to deepenthe organisation forwardDevelop their emotional intelligence to grow as a leader and my interest and competence in coaching towards earning aan individuallicentiate. It was clearly a worthy investment of organizationalUnderstand why mentoring and coaching are key aspects of and personal resources.successful leadershipBuild lasting and trusting relationships with their team DR. CHARLES BASSEY, Head Technical Support, Central Bank members through effective mentoring and coachingof Nigeria'