b'EVALUATION AND IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF POLICIES AND PROJECTS /The ability to evaluate which project or policy will have the mostKEY TOPICS impact and yield the best results for the greatest number of people Why measuring impact and outcomes is so important is truly valuable when time and resources are inevitably under The difference between impact assessment and impactpressure.evaluation and when these should be applied in the policyprocess This ve-day programme will help policy makers, project managers Using systematic reviews of evidence to assess impact and public service practitioners understand how to assess the likely How to establish a counter-factual to understand the possibleimpacts of potential policies and projects at the planning stage, and outcome of implementing an alternative policy then evaluate whether the expected impacts and outcomes of Key qualitative methodologies these initiatives have been achieved. The principles of cost benet analysisTaking best practice examples of impact evaluations andIt will cover the core principles of impact evaluation and assessments from around the world assessment and equip participants with the skills to make more informed decisions and evaluations. This programme will benetThis is week two of The Policy Toolkit: Evidence, Evaluation and participants from public and private sector organisations, NGOs,Impact Assessment on page 93.local government departments and agencies. DURATION FEE DATEVENUECOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:05 DAYS2,495 21 - 25 June 2021 LondonImprove the planning, procurement and management of impact evaluations and assessments25 - 29 October 2021 Miami Use the methods of impact evaluation to identify the most effective, efficient and value-for-money policy initiativesImprove the accountability of policy-making and public services in your locality, region or countryRESULTS-BASED MONITORING AND EVALUATION /Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) provides a framework for effective Set up a database to collect, analyse, interpret and report onmeasurement of results for both private and public sector entities.performanceDesign monitoring systems incorporating routine and ad-hocThese frameworks provide a new set of tools, complementary to data collection and reporting techniques traditional results measurement systems, that offer governments Set objectives and design performance indicators and applyand organisations new methods for ensuring the achievement of M&E techniques to the measurement of outcomes their strategic, policy and project goals.Design and implement a computerised M&E database information system Results-Based M&E (RBM&E) enables the public sector to focus its Create and deliver outcome focused data-based reports thatefforts on monitoring performance rather than just spending, and provide value-for-money solutions on evaluating long term results rather than short term outputs. KEY TOPICS For the private sector, an RBM&E system allows management to From traditional nancial reporting towards results-basedmake efficient ongoing assessments about progress towards performance management attainment of the goals and objectives of their organisation and RBM&E methods and performance indicators their stakeholders. Building a national M&E system or organisational M&E unitM&E for improvements in value for money This course will equip participants with the knowledge to Computerised M&E and database management systems understand where and how M&E ts within the organisational or Logic Models; baselines; data sources; designing performancenational framework, and the strategies required for its successful indicators design, build and integration. Evaluation, Impact Assessments, reporting and making recommendationsCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Understand the essentials of M&E, how to design and DURATION FEE DATEVENUE implement an M&E system and the factors involved in setting 10 DAYS 4,19521 June - 02 July 2021 Washington D.C.up an M&E unitKnow where and how M&E ts within the organisational or 01 - 12 November 2021London national framework and strategies for successful integrationw: crownagents.com/training 77'