b'CASE STUDYBEST PRACTICES IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING FOR KENYA NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY /The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA)s HR staff work at Be conversant on how organisations can leverage technologythe front line of people management for the organisations 546 for effective HR management staff members. The tasks involved in performing this function Be aware of HR management myths and realities effectively require a range of skills, experience and behaviours. Working with our expert trainers, delegates were equipped with the THE PROJECTskills to outline best practice approaches to key HR functions and In June 2019, Crown Agents designed and delivered a ve-dayan understanding of the main competencies of an HR practitioner in course for 26 officials from KeNHA with the aim of helping them toa modern business environment. The programme also covered the understand and implement best practice in HR management androle of IT and data analytics in HR functions to increase efficiency put in place the most effective end-to-end processes. The trainingand streamline business processes.was intended to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to discharge the role of aOn returning to the workplace, delegates were able to use Human Resource Practitioner in a dynamic environment. appropriate methods to assess the present competencies of KeNHAs Human Resource Management and identify areas of This interactive programme provided delegates with a focusedimprovement so that course learnings could be applied within their overview of the key operational duties that need to be carried out byspecic business context.todays HR manager, including: resourcing, growth and succession planning, recruitment and selection, performance and talentFEEDBACK FROM DELEGATES INCLUDED:management, identifying training requirements, and discipline.The training was fun, interactive and excellent. It has changed me a lotON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, DELEGATES WERE ABLE TO: as a person.Appreciate how HR practices can be deployed strategically in organisationsCAREN METET, Senior Assistant Human Resource Management Officer Understand how competencies are essential to developing and implementing effective HR practicesUnderstand how to collect, organise and interpret critical HR data for use in management decision making w: crownagents.com/training 51'