b'PRACTICAL SKILLS AT THE HEART OF EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP /Todays 21st century manager needs a complete range of both technical and soft skills to manage teams effectively and deliver results for their organisation. Crown Agents comprehensive range of skills-based training programmes across our nine portfolios offer an ideal route to realising your full potential as an effective, well-rounded and successful manager whatever your discipline.The Agile Manager(p.23)Developing Future LeadersThe Agile People and(approved by the Institute ofProject Manager ToolkitLeadership & Management)(p.23)(p.24)Emotional Inteligence: Enhancing Developing High Management and Leadership Impact Performing Teams (approved by the Institute of (p.30) Leadership & Management) (p.31)Creating Innovative PracticesGroup Facilitation andand Strategies (approved byTraining Skills for Managersthe Institute of Leadership(p.24)& Management)(p.41)Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and ExecutivesData and Statistical(p.32)Analysis and Presentation(p.104) Business Writing with Impact(p.102)The Effective Negotiator Writing and Delivering Speeches (p.31) and Presentations with Impact(p.103)Crisis Leadership: Rising to the Challenge (p.25)You may also be interested in our agship, holistic management skills course, Effective Management Skills on page 22, which will equip you with a range of competencies including problem solving, inuencing skills and presenting techniques. It is the perfect compliment to any of the above programmes.w: crownagents.com/training 13'