b'EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: ENHANCING MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP IMPACT20% OFF(approved by the Institute of Leadership JAN-MAR & Management) / COURSESEmotional intelligence (EQ) enables you to bring thinking andKEY TOPICS feelings together to become a more rounded and successful The power of emotional intelligence in the modern workplaceindividual. EQ is now increasingly recognised by organisations Understanding the science behind the emotions we feel worldwide as an important leadership quality, as emotionally Assessing your level of emotional intelligence and behaviouralintelligent leaders are more resilient, have better work relationships styles and make smarter and more authentic decisions. Empathy, listening skills and tuning into the feelings of othersImproving resilience and managing stress Through group working, coaching, quizzes and simulation Managing the emotional aspects of change exercises, this highly interactive course, led by leading experts in the eld, will equip you with the insight and skills to develop yourThis course is also available as a remote training delivery. emotional intelligence and use it to positive effect in the workplace. This is week one of The Emotional Intelligence and Leadership COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Toolkit and the Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and MentoringGain insight into your emotional intelligencehow you view Toolkit. yourself and how others view youDURATION FEE DATE VENUE Understand your emotions and trigger points and harness them or improved outcomes at work05 DAYS2,55001 - 05 March 2021LondonExamine and challenge entrenched ideas and self-limiting 18 - 22 October 2021 London behavioursUse your improved social, empathetic and listening skills to build better relationshipsREMOTE TRAINING COURSES Bring IQ and EQ into greater harmony to make more considered DURATION FEEDATEVENUE and smarter business decisionsBuild your resilience and manage stress 03 DAYS1,29515 - 17 February 2021 Remote Training20 - 22 September 2021 Remote TrainingTHE EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATOR /Negotiation skills are used extensively in many areas of work andKEY TOPICS personal life, and are considered to be both a science and an art Situations that call for negotiations form; they are crucial skills that can be learnt, honed and put to Negotiation outcomes and why a win-win outcome isgreat effect. This course will signicantly enhance your desirable effectiveness in any given negotiation situation, providing a win-The process of conducting a negotiationwin to the parties concerned whilst harnessing healthy and Analysing a negotiating partys target outcome and objectivessustainable stakeholder relationships. Negotiator types and common characteristics Planning your strategy and your negotiation team You will learn the essential processes, skills, tools and techniques Assessing, valuing and prioritising wants and needsthat can be used in any negotiation situation.Options and tactics towards mutual satisfaction and a win-win outcome This course examines how to assess and anticipate the other Setting and maintaining positive relations partys position and target outcomes and objectives, how to plan an Assessing progress and adjusting a negotiation stance effective negotiation strategy, the art of deploying the right tactics Pausing, terminating or withdrawing from a negotiation and what it takes to create and maintain a conducive atmosphere Celebrating success and learning lessons for next time for negotiations to succeed, even when they may be drawn-out or particularly challenging.This course is also available as a remote training delivery. COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:DURATION FEE DATE VENUE Dene your negotiation objectives and plan an effective 05 DAYS2,49526 - 30 April 2021 Dubainegotiation20 - 24 September 2021London Set up a positive environment for conducive negotiationsConduct a negotiation in line with your strategyREMOTE TRAINING COURSES Adjust tactics in a negotiation to achieve the best outcomeLearn lessons for continuous improvement of negotiation skills DURATION FEEDATEVENUE03 DAYS1,29517 - 19 May 2021Remote Training13 - 15 December 2021Remote Trainingw: crownagents.com/training 31'