b'20% WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP /OFFJAN-MAR COURSESBuild an invaluable network, share insights and solutions and take the next step on your leadership journey with this empowering two-week course.Delegates on the Women In Leadership course, held in London in September 2018This programme is targeted at women who are aspiring to improve omen in Leadership offers aW their leadership capabilities. It will assist women to better understand what drives and sustains successful leadership, theirspectacular experience and platform topersonal motivations and strengths, and how best to work within alearn from very endowed experts. Thedemanding environment while maintaining a reasonable balance between work and home life. You will learn and develop the skillssupport system is amazing, reassuring andand condence you need to reach your goals and unlock yourbased on actual case studies of Corporatepotential. and Industry. The course provides a perfectDelegates will be examining their own leadership behaviour and howreection of individual condence level,to build on their strengths to generate success within the risk appetite, professional ethics, job workplace. Training will also focus on developing greater emotional intelligence and resilience to be able to overcome self-limitingfullment and total purpose.beliefs and bias in order to communicate more effectively with RITA ADZOVIE, Director of HR, Administration and Corporate Affairs, authority, grow in condence and build inuence.National Pensions Regulatory Authority, Ghana, a delegate attendingWHY A WOMAN-ONLY PROGRAMME?Women in Leadership, April 2018, Washington D.C.Its clear that men and women are equally capable of becoming good leaders. However, research shows that the path for women isThis programme is essential for any woman aspiring to accelerate often less straight-forward. Factors impacting on womens path toher career and grow as a leader. leadership positions can include: COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Organisational bias based on traditional, masculine notions ofClearly understand your current strengths and weaknesses as a what makes a good leader leader and develop a strategy for improvement and developmentOutmoded approaches to recruitment and development thatGain condence and power within your organisational hierarchydont help women develop a balanced set of hard andAct with greater condence and ownership of your chosen soft skills leadership styleThe different ways in which men and women build workImprove your strategic change management skills relationships and networks Become more politically astute and build strategic alliancesCultural expectations of how men and women are encouragedCommunicate with improved clarity and authorityto view their worth and assert themselves Develop greater personal self-condence and inspire and motivate yourself and your staffThis course addresses the specic needs of women in theDURATION FEE DATE VENUEworkplace, creating a trusting and non-competitive environment in which participants can identify their capabilities and develop a plan10 DAYS4,195 15 - 26 February 2021 Kuala Lumpur for growth and improvement away from the pressures of the work17 - 28 May 2021 Miami environment and every-day life. It is highly interactive and supplemented by site visits, group discussions, ongoing feedback13 - 24 September 2021 Londonand, at request, 1-2-1 coaching sessions.26e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'