b'PREMIUM PROGRAMMETHE CROWN AGENTSLEADERSHIP RETREAT /Our residential retreat is the perfect next step for alumni who have completed theExecutive Leadership in Action programme or for any senior professional who wants to take their self-development and best self as a leader to the next level.Delegates and Crown Agents staff at the rst Retreat in August 2018Held in the tranquil setting of Roffey Park, a renowned Leadership or participation was toMy reason fInstitute in the beautiful English countryside near the South Coast, this programme will take you completely out of your demanding anddiscover who I am as a leader and how tostressful environment, creating a space where you can truly pause, build on this to become a better leadertake stock and challenge yourself to think differently.I am leaving as a better person. THIS ISNT A REGULAR TRAINING COURSECAROLINE OTOO, Director, Bank of Ghana, a delegate attending The Leadership is about who you are as much as what you do. Its a Crown Agents Leadership Retreat, August 2018journey intrinsically linked to your development as a person. Whether youre mid-career or facing retirement in the near future, goals shift throughout a career, and all leaders reach a point when they ask: Where next?Dynamic experiential group exercises will focus on commonissues facing leaders, including:THIS RETREAT IS ABOUT HELPING YOU TO FIND THE ANSWER SOWhat authentic and resilient leadership really meansYOU CAN STEP BOLDLY INTO THE FUTURE Using emotional intelligence for more effective leadership It focuses on leadership concepts that will result in improvementsBecoming a more astute player in the rapidly changingin personal and organisational performance and the enhancedpolitical economydelivery of policies and public services at the highest levels. You will visit an inspiring institution and enjoy relaxing downtime in LondonIt addresses those essential qualities that make you unique and the Following the retreat, ongoing remote coaching will beblocks and challenges that can often get in the way of realising your available for three monthspurpose and life goals. WHO IS THE RETREAT FOR? Although you will hear from a range of inspiring individuals including Designed for the most senior level executives, including permanent an expert in political economy, a psychologist and a high-ying secretaries, directors general, chief executives, board members business entrepreneur, the emphasis will be on personalisedand elected officials, but also suitable for professionals on a fast coaching style sessions that explore your strengths, challenges andtrack to senior leadership.aspirations as an individual. Find your authentic voice as a leader at the Crown Agents Retreat,You will be asked to complete psychometric questionnaires returning to the office motivated, re-focused and more Fit for thebefore commencing the retreat and an individualised learning Future as a leader and as an individual. plan will be prepared for youOne-to-one coaching sessions are integral to the programme. Fee includes ve nights accommodation at Roffey Park and allYou will explore your personal challenges and work through to meals. a solution and action plan Outdoor trainingyoull be working on teamwork and skills DURATION FEE DATE VENUE development in the beautiful elds and woods surrounding 05 DAYS4,49506 - 10 September 2021 Sussex Roffey Park 28e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'