b'YOUR WORLD-CLASS TRAINING EXPERIENCE /What to expect on yournext Crown Agentstraining course:CERTIFICATE OFALUMNI COMMUNITY ATTENDANCEAll delegates gain automatic entry All delegates receive a Crown Agentsinto our global alumni community certicate - a globally recognisedand will receive an expanding range mark of excellence - conrming theirof exclusive benets, merchandise completion of the training. Delegatesand invitations to alumni networking events. also receive an official group photo for display back in the office.OUR TRAINING FACILITIES ANDTRAINING LANGUAGE TRANSPORT ANDLEARNING MATERIALS Scheduled courses will be conductedACCOMMODATION All of our training is delivered in trainingentirely in English. A procient levelAll our training locations worldwide centres or hotels worldwide which offerof both spoken and written English isare located within easy reach ofthe highest standards of modernrequired by all delegates so that theyairports and other transport hubs equipment and comfort. Ensuring ourcan fully benet from the course andand are ideally suited for exploring venues are accessible to all is a priorityparticipate in our interactive style local attractions. for us. If you have any specicof training.requirements or requests, please speakIn the UK, our training facilities in to a member of the team when you book.We can deliver customised courses in Delegates attending our courses will alsoCentral London are at the heart of receive an easy to use e-reader tabletother languages; please contact usthe train and Underground network, preloaded with all training materials.for further information.with easy access to a range ofaccommodation options across Please be assured that we will beLondon and the surrounding areas. exceeding all recommended hygiene and safe distancing protocols to deliver yourIn all our training locations, we will training course in the safest way possibleprovide delegates with an extensive during the COVID-19 pandemic and will belist of convenient hotels and guest working closely with training venues tohouses with their bookingensure this. information, to suit all budgets.COURSE SPECIFIC STUDYREWARDING LOYALTY CATERING VISITS AND CULTURALWe offer all our clients a 4+1 loyaltyLunch and refreshments during EXCURSIONSscheme. This means that for everybreaks will be provided by Crown Each course includes at least onefour delegates enrolled from anAgents throughout the duration of study visit to a relevant organisationorganisation in any calendar year, weyour training.or project to view classroom-basedwill provide you with one additional theory in action, as well as hearingplace, entirely free of charge.* We have responded to feedback to from inspirational guest speakerscontinuously rene the menus relevant to the industry or topic.offered to our participants andDelegates will also enjoy a culturalthese cater for a range of different excursion. international cuisines to suitall tastes.* Terms and conditions apply'