b'CONTENTS /Meet Our Team 4 Your Partner during this Crisis and Beyond5 Our Capacity Building Services 6 Our Remote Training Capabilities 9 About Crown Agents10Crown Agents Alumni Network12 Our Training Locations 14 Practical Skills at the Heart of Effective Management and Leadership 15 Your World-Class Training Experience 16 Our Partners 17LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT18Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives 38 Effective Management Skills22Governance, Risk and Compliance Management39 Management Development for Executives 22and Integrated Assurance (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management)World-class Risk Based Internal Auditing39 The Agile People and Project Manager Toolkit 23Countering and Audit of Fraud and Corruption 40 The Agile Manager 23ICT Strategy, Governance and Project Management 40 Group Facilitation and Training Skills for Managers24The Strategy Toolkit 41 Developing Future Leaders 24Creating Innovative Practices and Strategies41 (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management)(approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management) Crisis Leadership: Rising to the Challenge25Directing and Managing Organisational Strategy42 Strategic Change Management25 Women in Leadership26HUMAN RESOURCES 44 Executive Leadership in Action27The Complete HR Professional Toolkit47 (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management)Transforming the HR Function48 The Crown Agents Leadership Retreat 28Succession Planning, Talent and Performance Management 48 Leadership and Governance for Boards and 29Strategic HR: Aligning with the Corporate Vision 49 Senior Executives The Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Toolkit30Organisational Design and Development49 Developing High Performing Teams30Optimising the Impact of the L&D Function50 Emotional Inteligence: Enhancing Management and31 Leadership Impact (approved by the Institute of FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 52 Leadership & Management)Public Financial Management: Issues and Solutions 55 The Effective Negotiator 31 Public Debt Management: Issues and Solutions56 Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit32 Integrated Financial Management Systems:56 Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Executives 32Strategy and Implementation Best Practice Financial Management and57 GOVERNANCE AND STRATEGY 34Reporting on IPSAS and IFRS Standards Delivering Good Governance in Practice37Best Practice Financial Management and57 Reporting on IPSAS and IFRS Standards - ACCA Certicate 2e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'