b'ETHICS AND INTEGRITY IN PROCUREMENT (SQA Certicate) / Institutional integrity and the consequences of corruption are a topKEY TOPICS priority on all national agendas. Transparent and ethical procurement The link between procurement rules and regulations andis recognised as a vital weapon, as is an increasing awareness of the integrity need to develop ethical supply chains across all sectors. Leadership and communication skills to improve integrity in the workplace It is essential that the skills to monitor, investigate and audit Vulnerability assessment and integrity risk management procurement operations are developed, and strategies established, Ethical codes and policies and developing toolkits to minimise the opportunities for corrupt or unethical practices to eProcurements contribution to integrity take place. This qualication course addresses this critical global priority. It willDelegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS. equip procurement professionals with the tools needed to take a proactive lead in ghting corruption and improving integrity acrossASSESSMENT both the public and private sectors.Assessment will be through a series of exercises completed during this course. These will focus on the practical application of skills It focuses on the causes of malpractice and the areas whereand the development of an action plan, relevant to your own procurement is at its most vulnerable. It also covers a range ofcontext. These will be completed during the course and may management controls and best-practice techniques and takes ainclude some evening preparation. challenging look at issues of ethics and integrity among procurement practitioners. Includes case studies of real anti- QUALIFICATION corruption procurement initiatives delivered by Crown Agents andParticipants who successfully complete the course assessments other organisations.will receive a qualication that is validated and awarded by the Scottish Qualications Authority (SQA). The qualication is COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:comparable to the level of a UK Higher National Diploma. Assess and address vulnerabilities in procurement processesPromote a code of ethics and protect whistleblowersDURATION FEEDATE VENUE Design and implement a transparent and ethical procurement system10 DAYS 4,45019 - 30 April 2021 LondonDevelop corruption mitigation strategies and controls 16 - 27 August 2021 London Minimise malpractice through effective auditing and monitoring EFFECTIVE PROCUREMENT STRATEGIES FOR SENIOR EXECUTIVES (SQA Certicate) /The strategic importance of transparent and accountable Apply the latest team development techniques to improveprocurement in the cost-efficient delivery of quality goods, works performance and services, and as a vital weapon in the battle against corruption, is now recognised by governments worldwide.KEY TOPICSImplementing successful and results-driven strategies andIt has never been more important for senior procurement specialists policies throughout the procurement cycle to ensure their skills are in line with international best-practice Fighting corruption and embedding ethical procurement principles and thinking. Assessing procurement systems and the benets/challenges of eProcurement This qualication course develops the contemporary strategic skills Assessing impact, measuring risk, KPIs and benchmarking and techniques required to implement the most up-to-date M&E of procurement performance procurement strategies and policies. It drills down into the key Review and approval of procurement reports areas of risk management, corruption and ethics and the Building team capacity and professionalism monitoring and evaluation of procurement performance, addressing Delegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS. all of the key challenges which procurement functions will face.ASSESSMENT Provisions in the World Bank New Procurement Framework, with itsAssessment will be through a series of exercises completed during greater focus on value for money, are also comprehensively covered.this course. Please see the course outline at www.crownagents.com/training for full details. COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Promote the vital strategic importance of the procurement QUALIFICATIONfunctionParticipants who successfully complete the course assessmentsDevelop detailed and realistic procurement strategieswill receive a qualication that is validated and awarded by theImplement risk management processes, considering risks Scottish Qualications Authority (SQA). including cyber attacks, modern-day slavery and geopolitical threatsCreate strategies that minimise corruption and encourage DURATION FEEDATE VENUE greater integrity10 DAYS 4,45019 - 30 April 2021 LondonDesign and condently use tools for monitoring procurement performance 15 - 26 November 2021 Londonw: crownagents.com/training 85'