b'Treasury Management58Public Sector Procurement for Works and 87 Strategic Financial Management and58Consultancy Services Effective Budget ExecutionThe CIPS Corporate Award88 Loan Negotiation and Evaluation 59Supply Chain Management: Issues and Solutions 88 International Tax and Transfer Pricing59Incoterms 2020: Latest Developments and 89 Practical Application FINANCIAL SERVICES AND PENSIONS 62Trade Procedures and Financing 89 Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 65 Investment of Pension Fund Assets66GOVERNMENT, POLICY AND JUSTICE90 Pension Scheme Investment in Private Equity 66The Policy Toolkit: Evidence, Evaluation and93 and InfrastructureImpact Assessment Pension Scheme Governance and Regulation67Developing Effective Policies: Analysis, Evidence and Impact94 Pension Management in Developing Economies 67The Legislative Toolkit94 Translating Policy into Legislation 95 PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND EVALUATION 70Legislative Drafting: Essential Skills 95 Mastering Project and Programme Management Skills 73The Judicial Case Management and 96 Legal Ethics Toolkit The Development Project and Financial74Judicial Case Management 96 Management Toolkit Project Management of Development Projects 74Judicial and Legal Ethics 97 (Project DPro Level 1 Certicate) Financial Management of Development Projects 75COMMUNICATIONS 98 The Agile Project Manager (APMG AgilePM Certicate)75Media Communications and Public Engagement 101 The Development Programme (DPro) Toolkit76The Writing and Presentation Skills Toolkit 102 Programme Management of Development 76Business Writing with Impact102 Programmes (Program DPro Level 1 Certicate)Writing and Delivering Speeches and Presentations103 Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Policies and Projects77with Impact Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation77The Analysis and Reporting Toolkit103 Data and Statistical Analysis and Presentation 104 PROCUREMENT, SUPPLY CHAIN AND TRADE80 Tactical ProcurementPlanning and Managing Operations83SCHEDULE OF COURSES106 Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management84CONTACT US AND HOW TO BOOK110 Ethics and Integrity in Procurement (SQA Certicate)85 Effective Procurement Strategies for 85KEYSenior Executives (SQA Certicate) Electronic Government Procurement:86Qualication Strategy and ImplementationApproved PPP Procurement and Contract Management 86Premium course PPP Issues and Solutions: Application, Framework,87 Project Cycle (APMG CP 3 P Foundation Certicate)Remote delivery New coursew: crownagents.com/training 3'