b'INDICATIVE STUDY VISIT /HM LAND REGISTRYHM Land Registry safeguards land and property ownership to a current value of 7 trillion across the UK, enabling over 1 trillion worth of personal and commercial lending to be secured against property across England and Wales. Delegates will typically meet with the HR, Transformational Change, Organisational Development or L&D teams within the organisation to gain a unique insight into HMLRs approach to the challenges of strategic planning and reporting, HR strategy, workforce planning, talent and performance management, L&D strategy and change, and programme management.THE COMPLETE HR PROFESSIONAL 20% OFFTOOLKIT / JAN-MAR COURSESThis 15-day programme combines the following courses to provide KEY TOPICS comprehensive coverage of the operational knowledge and skillsHR analytics and evidence-based decision making required by todays HR manager: The core operational skills required to succeed as a well-rounded HR manager Transforming the HR Function05 days Managing an HR team Succession Planning, Talent and 10 days Workforce planning Performance Management Talent and Performance managementSuccession planningThese programmes have been selected to complement each other and to equip todays HR manager with the key competenciesDURATION FEE DATE VENUEemployed by forward-looking organisations worldwide. The courses can also be attended as separate courses.15 DAYS 5,85015 February - 05 March 2021 Dubai 02 - 20 August 2021LondonCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Make better informed business decisions based on HR analytics and people dataPerform the key tasks of the HR manager with competence and condence, including: Undertaking recruitment using best-practice approachesto achieve results Implementing a successful workforce planning strategy Improving performance management and engagementand reward systems Creating learning and development plans and trackingand supporting staff development Creating and implementing a robust talent managementand succession plan Understanding employer branding and employeevalue propositionsw: crownagents.com/training 47'