b'ABOUT CROWN AGENTS /We manage large programmes and projects to accelerateself-sufficiency and prosperity around the world.Crown Agents is a not for prot international development organisation that works in partnership with our clients to design and implement practical solutions to their needs. We work with Ministries, Governments, donors, institutions, Foundations, philanthropists and corporations to tackle the complex challenges they face, whether thats seeking to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), improving the quality of life and opportunities for their citizens or responding to the needs of a global pandemic. OUR VALUES ARE COURAGE AND AUTHENTICITY:Courage to work in the most challenging contexts and be a disrupter in the face of corruption and complexity; authenticity to ensure that the solutions we help develop are grounded in a solid understanding of our clients needs and we partner for the long term.Often, we work behind the scenes, working patiently to address the nuts and bolts core issues, supporting governments to resolve practically challenging and politically difficult issues that hold back faster and greater progress.'