b'CASE STUDYBANKING STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT TRAINING FOR BERHAN BANK S.C. /In September 2020, we were delighted to deliver a face-to-face training course for 11 non-executive Board Members and Senior Executives from Berhan Bank S.C., Ethiopia.Due to the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, thisDR NARDOS BERHANU, Vice Chairperson, commented:training course was held in Dubai to take advantage of the low Covid-19 threat level in the Emirate and the precautions in place to Under the unfortunate circumstances where ensure visitors safety. By incorporating safety measures such as the use of PPE, paperless teaching, social distancing measures andthe COVID-19 pandemic prevented most face-to-strict hygiene protocols in the training room and venue, we wereface encounters, the training was well organised. able to demonstrate that face-to-face training can be deliveredThe training room was spacious enough to safely and effectively with the right precautions in place.maintain social distancing and the use of face The training focussed on key issues in 21st century banking in ordershields was helpful in recognising faces and to support participants to develop a strategy to address thebreathing easier. The hotel did a very good job in challenges facing small private banks. putting precautionary measures in place while Our expert trainers presented up-to-date insights from the globalserving food and snacks. Hand sanitizers were banking sector, including a look at regulatory trends, the evolution of banking business models from a Net Interest Margin paradigmwidely available for use. Overall, with the and the strategic implications of innovations in banking. necessary precautionary measures in place coupled with creativity in facilitation, it is possible In addition, delegates learnt about the ecology of Fintech and innovation within the banking sector. They developed a strategicto organise a face-to-face training course during understanding of the possibilities that new technologies and bigthis pandemic. data offer and of the potential for digital transformation in the Ethiopian nancial services market.'