b'ABOUT THE PORTFOLIO /Effective internal and external communications are essential to the success of modern organisations.In the ever-changing landscape of the digital age, marketing, presentation skills and communications training can keep your organisation a step-ahead and avert PR crises in this fast-moving media age. We offer programmes that will help improve your writing skills whatever the medium, unlock your presentation and speech writing skills and become a marketing and communications professional equipped for the digital age. FEATURED TRAINERS /PAUL RICHARDSDR. ALEX RIBA Paul has curated internationalAlex is a statistician and engineer training courses for over ten years,with more than 20 years of delivering in London, Pakistan, Iraq,experience teaching statistics and Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africaconducting research at Universitat and Ethiopia. He specialises inPolitecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona courses on public relations andTech.marketing, speech-writing, and the As part of the Statistics for Sustainable Development team, a workings of government. social enterprise providing services to a global community of people working towards the UN Sustainable Development He is a former special adviser to UK Cabinet Ministers and hasGoals, Alex has been involved in digital data collection and worked in and around Westminster for nearly 30 years. He hascapacity building, including online learning. written speeches for MPs, Ministers, and public leaders. For the past ten years, Paul has lectured at the School of OrientalWith a PhD in Statistics, he has worked on projects in a wide and African Studies (SOAS) on speeches and speech-writing. range of elds, with his areas of expertise including industrial statistics, experimental design, statistical process control, Paul is the author of four books, including How to Win ansix-sigma statistical techniques and analysis of surveys. Alex Election, and has written for newspapers and magazines. Heis particularly interested in the design of data collection plans regularly appears on radio and television, including the BBC.and data analysis, and he is an expert in the communication Paul is a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ),of results in a simple and meaningful way to non-Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR) and the Royalstatisticians. Television Society (RTS).100e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'