b"PREMIUM PROGRAMMETHE CIPS CORPORATE AWARD /Develop your team's skills with a programme that drives learningValue: ROI and other measurable cost benets have been directly back into your workplace. The CIPS Applied Learning Corporate proven outcomes of this training for many global organisations Award is highly practical, coursework-based training in procurement Professionalisation: Helps to promote positive changes inand supply that can be contextualised to your business area. performance and behaviour that benet organisational reputation and effectiveness Ideal for teams and individuals alike, CIPS Applied Learning transforms individuals into internal consultants, using what theyAWARD learn to drive business improvements, competitive advantage andOn successfully completing all requirements, delegates will gain raise the prole of your in-house expertise.an award that is equivalent to the CIPS Level 4 qualication andThere are three levels of the award and this is the practitioner levelconfers CIPS Diploma Membership. which is equivalent to a diploma level qualication. It develops a robust understanding of, and capabilities in, the procurementCOURSE REQUIREMENTS essentials. Four assignments (of 3000 words each) to be successfully completed within nine months of completing the training course.SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED All teaching required for completion of these assignments will be Driving value delivered during the three-week training courseManaging expenditure Delegates will start to work on the rst assignment during the Developing contracts training and will submit this within two weeks of the courses Sourcing essentials conclusionEffective negotiation A timetable will be provided for submission of the further three assignments over the following nine months. Please note allBENEFITS OF THE CORPORATE AWARD INCLUDE deadlines are strictly adhered to and late submissions will not Accreditation: Results in a globally recognised award for yoube accepted. This course is only suitable for delegates who can and your team commit to completing all assignments within the designated Maximum relevance: Training is contextualised to yourtimeframe. organisationDURATION FEEDATE VENUE Business improvement: Work-based assignments and projects completed during the award mean improvements are driven 15 DAYS 6,65027 September - 15 October 2021London directly back into the organisation SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT:20% OFFISSUES AND SOLUTIONS / JAN-MAR COURSESTHE ESSENTIAL PROGRAMME FOR ALL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGERS COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Dene the supply chain, its component parts and stakeholderSupply chain management (SCM) is a vital and integral component relationships in an organisations success. Its essential to efficiency and Create a successful supply chain strategy protability and should be frequently reviewed at a senior and Apply current SCM best practices in your organisation strategic level. Analyse and manage risks within the supply chainMotivate and build capacity of supply chain staff However, many organisations fail to get the most out of their supply Implement monitoring systems to ensure goals are achieved chains and their relationships with key suppliers, wasting both time Improve your data management and optimisation and money. This comprehensive and step-by-step programme provides practitioners with the tools and techniques to developKEY TOPICS effective supply chains.Fundamentals of SCM and understanding supply chain ows It rst denes the supply chain, demonstrating its importance,Key enablers for successful SCM including relationshipillustrating different structural options in the marketplace andmanagement and technology integration identifying the core competencies needed by staff. It explores theSupply chain management in international development strategic role of SCM, with delegates covering the key techniques Contract Management involved in developing a successful SCM strategy. Managing risk and tackling corruptionTotal Quality Management and ensuring sustainable SCM Delegates dene the enablers for successful SCM, includingImproving the performance of a supply chain team organisational infrastructure; strategic alliances; human resource management; data and technology; compliance and M&E. The issue Delegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS.of risk within the Supply Chain, including corruption, is tackled head-on. DURATION FEEDATE VENUE10 DAYS 4,195 08 - 19 March 2021Dubai13 - 24 September 2021 London88e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300"