b'20% JUDICIAL AND LEGAL ETHICS / OFFJAN-MAR COURSESEthical judicial challenges seem to increase year on year. The Understand common ethical issues and risks and learn topublics condence in a justice system depends upon its perception manage them effectively of the integrity and standards of ethical behaviour and professional Put in place strategies to reduce any corruption in your judiciary conduct demonstrated by the judiciary within their official role and Establish fair, transparent and effective recruitment,in their private life. performance evaluation and disciplinary processes that meet internationally recognised standards Key elements in establishing integrity are high quality procedures Establish and maintain a productive relationship between thefor judicial appointments, investigating complaints about judicialjudiciary and the media behaviour as well as ensuring the fair and transparent conduct ofproceedings. At the same time, safeguards are required to protectKEY TOPICS judicial independence. Examining internationally recognised standards of ethical behaviour and judicial conduct This new programme explores the key principles and recognised Developing judicial codes of conduct, guidance, monitoringstandards of ethical legal and judicial behaviour and examines and training suitable frameworks to promote their importance and secure the Designing fair and transparent judicial recruitment anddemonstration of proper judicial conduct. performance evaluation processesCombating corruption in judicial systems COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Creating a system for dealing fairly with complaints about Dene the recognised principles and standards of ethicaljudicial behaviourbehaviour and judicial conduct required to uphold principles ofUnderstanding the working relationship between the judiciary independence, equality, diversity and fairness both in andand the mediaoutside of the court environmentExamine the need for clearly dened codes of conduct based on This is week two of The Judicial Case Management and Legalcommon judicial values to establish clear standards of Ethics Toolkit. behaviour that promote judicial independence whilst DURATION FEEDATE VENUE safeguarding the integrity of the judicial system and its staffAssess judicial accountability and undertake performance 05 DAYS2,49515 - 19 March 2021 Londonevaluation 01 - 05 November 2021LondonCASE STUDY PREVENTION OF VALUABLE METALSMUGGLING IN OMAN FOR IEMS ACADEMY /Smuggling valuable metals across the border has become asmugglers in order to better identify dangerous situations and serious issue for businesses, government entities, and communityreduce the nancial risks to the country by implementing anti-at large in Oman. These materials are easily melted down andsmuggling measures. used in the construction or mechanical industries, and with the price for iron in the region of US $150 per tonne encouraging suchThe course was a mixture of theory and practical work with criminal activity, the economic consequences of such acts can bedelegates shown examples of precious metals to help aid immense.identication in the eld.In October 2018 we delivered a customised training programme inThe training equipped participants with the knowledge to better partnership with the IEMS Academy (based in Sharjah, UAE) on theunderstand the laws around smuggling and what actions they can prevention of valuable metal smuggling to 37 employees from thetake internally and externally to mitigate the issue. It also focussed government, private sector and law enforcement bodies in Oman.on preventative strategies to overcome these unlawful acts. This highlighted the challenges they face in creating awareness ofParticipants developed an anti-crime strategy to put learnings into the issue and developing proactive ways of dealing with theseeffect, including technological and legal approaches to tackling unlawful acts.this form of criminal activity.OUR APPROACHOne of the delegates who attended the training commented:This two-day programme aimed to accelerate understandingamongst law enforcement employees of how to combat theThe experience was excellent and growing problem of metal smuggling. Employees at all levels werewe beneted from it. educated on how to spot the three main modus operandi of illicit ASEEL DAWOOD AL.BALUSHI, Corporal, Royal Oman Police'