b'PUBLIC DEBT MANAGEMENT:20% OFFISSUES AND SOLUTIONS / JAN-MAR COURSESAs the global economy comes to terms with the impact of the Create a sound debt management strategy based on a portfolioglobal nancial crash, the threat of a new debt crisis has taken review and a good understanding of the objectives for debtcentre stage. This is compounded by the fact that borrowing has management rapidly increased as countries seek to boost investment in Appreciate the impact on public debt management ofinfrastructure to support their objectives under the SDGs.emerging lenders and lending arrangementsNew borrowing sources include Eurobonds and emerging creditorsKEY TOPICS such as China. Analysts have warned that global debt has reached Fundamental debt concepts and techniques an all time high as more countries than ever are in danger of Global nancial ows and different nancing optionsslipping into a major debt crisis. Governments need to address Debt management, monetary and scal policy linkages these challenges in order to manage costs and risks within a sound Legal and institutional arrangementsmacro and scal framework. Debt strategy formulationGuarantees and continent liabilities This course will take participants through the fundamental Internal and external audit principles of public debt management, taking current Analysing and reporting on the debt portfoliodevelopments into account, and will equip them with the latest Risk management tools and techniques to manage their debt portfolios effectively.Debt and cash managementNew challenges in bond issuance COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Public-Private PartnershipsUnderstand the scope of public debt management and itsEmerging lenderslinkages with scal and monetary policyUnderstand debt concepts and the role of domestic nancial DURATION FEE DATE VENUE marketsAnalyse the strengths and weaknesses of debt management 10 DAYS4,19515 - 26 March 2021Dubaioperations in your country06 - 17 September 2021 London Apply concepts of cost and risk to your public debt portfolio to manage both in line with your countrys debt management objectives INTEGRATED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT20% OFFSYSTEMS: STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION / JAN-MAR COURSESFor several years, governments and public sector entities around Assess the scope for enhancing monitoring and evaluation the world have been implementing Integrated Financial Communicate results effectively to management and keyManagement Information Systems (IFMIS). The objective is to stakeholders improve budget preparation and execution and achieve better value for money, efficiency, transparency and accountability in theKEY TOPICS delivery of government services. IFMIS implementation: the core business and technology components This course explores the key business, people, process and Public sector budgeting and the budget cycle technology issues that are critical to a successful IFMIS Importance of the Chart of Accounts (COA) implementation. Delegates will receive guidance on practical IFMIS Effective public sector cash management within theproject implementation, key components of the system and how scope of the IFMIS they t in with the public nancial management (PFM) cycle. The Results-based performance measurement, monitoringcourse will also explore other relevant issues such as the processes and evaluation needed to secure the IFMIS against internet and information International public sector accounting standards and reporting threats. Auditing the IFMISInternet and information security considerations of the IFMIS COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Systems acquisition, customisation and developmentDene the IFMIS and its architecture and how it supportsDeveloping and implementing IFMIS and electronic governance and strengthens PFM and electronic governance services strategies Critically examine the factors involved in the effective planning and implementation of an IFMIS project, taking account of DURATION FEE DATE VENUE practical change management, system integration, legal, political and institutional issues10 DAYS4,19501 - 12 March 2021 LondonExplain how an IFMIS solution can enhance internal controls, 09 - 20 August 2021Frankfurtminimise risk, maximise value for money and enhance transparency06 - 17 December 2021 London Identify the additional operational risks arising from computerising nancial management systems and the audit procedures required to address them 56e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'