b'STRATEGIC HR: ALIGNING WITH THECORPORATE VISION /This course is designed for senior HR Managers and heads of HRLearn about David Ulrichs six core competencies required towho are responsible for delivering HR strategic plans that enable become an effective HR professional organisations to achieve their objectives. It is also highly relevant Champion the change you want to see in your organisation for Board Members who wish to gain a top-level understanding of Return home with an outline strategic HR plan that supportsHR and the critical role this function plays. and aligns with overall organisational aimsIt has a focus on how to work as a strategic business partner withKEY TOPICS the business leaders, ensuring that HR strategies around key Building business awareness: understanding the internal andactivities such as recruitment, succession planning and staff external context of the organisations objectives and strategy development are fully aligned with the overall corporate vision. The HR strategy development framework Leadership skills, emotional intelligence and understanding Partnering with business leaders, executive teams and Boardsmotivations are also explored. to create valueStrategic resourcing and staff development to achieve yourDelegates will work through their real-life challenges and goals to strategic aims emerge with a clear outline strategic HR plan at the end of the 10 The impact of culture on business strategy days. Improving your leadership and emotional intelligence skills COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:DURATION FEE DATE VENUE Understand internal and external impacts on business strategy and objectives within the context of HR strategy10 DAYS4,19517 - 28 May 2021 DubaiImprove the HR strategy development process11 - 22 October 2021Washington D.C. Understand whats required of the strategic HR business partner in successfully supporting strategy executionDeliver specic strategies on recruitment, retention, succession planning and organisational learning ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT /We live in an ever-changing business environment, with disruptionCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: and the need for change coming from all sides. Todays senior HR Dene organisation design and how it is different topractitioner needs to be fully aware of the critical role design and organisational development development play in contributing to the success of the Understand how organisation design can help or hinderorganisation.the achievement of strategyAssist in identifying the most appropriate organisationalOrganisation Design is the process of shaping an organisational design methods to meet current challenges structure to align it with the purpose of the business. A re-design Find the most appropriate Organisational Development model can be triggered by the need to improve service delivery or specic Identify the top talent to drive change for the future business processes, or as a result of a new mandate. Organisational Assist and plan effectively organisational developmentDevelopment is the comprehensive and systematic process aimed and re-design at improving the overall effectiveness of an organisation. It involves intervening in its processes, structure and culture, with a strongKEY TOPICS emphasis on organisational behaviour, human resource Types of organisational structures development and organisational change. Organisational design can Approaches to organisational design be viewed as an organisational development intervention and the Implementing organisational change effectively two work hand-in-hand. Organisational Development modelsPutting Organisational Design and Development into practiceBut for any design and development project to succeed, the organisation must make its changes as effectively and painlessly as possible and in a manner that aligns with its strategy, invigorates DURATIONFEE DATE VENUEemployees, builds distinctive capabilities, and makes it easier to10 DAYS4,19519 - 30 April 2021Dubai attract customers.25 October - 05 November 2021 Washington D.C.This new programme will equip HR professionals with the knowledge needed to guide their organisation through this complex and strategically critical process.w: crownagents.com/training 49'