b'DIRECTING AND MANAGING ORGANISATIONAL STRATEGY / Clear strategic direction in an organisation ensures the effectiveDevelop performance management processes that ensuremanagement of nancial and staff resources and the successfulalignment of objectives at all levels delivery of operations and projects.Ensure a process for initiating, managing and controlling change projects This programme focuses on enabling senior staff to develop both realistic and achievable strategic plans for their organisations, and KEY TOPICS the control mechanisms to ensure delivery. Organisational analysis: understanding your organisations priorities and approach to strategic management Through the use of case studies, visits, guest speakers andArticulating a strategic vision that is meaningful andassignments, it will provide practical frameworks that can be put to inspirational work straight away on return to the office. Analysing the key trends, threats and driversDetermining strategic objectives, allocation of resource andDelegates will be asked to identify a live problem which they will budget, and measurement of success work on through the week, presenting and discussing action plans, Aligning department, team and individual performance to sharing experiences and evaluating best practice.strategic objectivesInformation systems for control of activities and decisionThis course is ideal for directors and senior managers who aremaking actively involved in strategic development and management. Management of organisational change projectsCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:This is week three of The Strategy Toolkit. Communicate a clear vision and mission for the organisationEstablish an understanding of the global, regional and local DURATION FEE DATE VENUE trends and risks that could affect the organisations success05 DAYS2,495 19 - 23 July 2021LondonCarry out a comprehensive analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats13 - 17 December 2021Miami Establish strategic objectives aligned to the vision and mission, using a range of strategic and objective-setting tools such as the balanced scorecard'