b'FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF20% OFFDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS / JAN-MAR COURSESSound nancial management is critical to the success of all Align project procurement and contracting processes withdevelopment projects. This course denes the components of international best practice effective nancial management within the context of the Use integrated nancial management information systemsdevelopment project life cycle. It examines the nancial tools and to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness techniques available for the efficient implementation of projects and Evaluate project implementation risks and minimise them byfor assessing the effectiveness of project nancial management establishing appropriate internal controls systems. It covers: budgeting; accounting standards; procurement and contract management; performance measurement; nancialKEY TOPICS management staffing; audit and internal controls. Project life-cycle, project documentation and project management During the ten days, delegates will explore the processes needed to Project implementation structures, nancial management andimplement appropriate project risk mitigation strategies and set up controls monitoring of performance indicators and reporting for effective Tools to assess project nancial management systems decision making. They will assess their own nancial management International public sector accounting standards systems and develop action plans for improvement of these Budgeting, and accounting policies and procedures systems. Reporting, monitoring and evaluationGovernance and fraud prevention COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Procurement for development projectsAdopt appropriate nancial tools and techniques forInformation systemsmanaging projects Country and donor nancial systemsUnderstand the dynamics and principles involved in the use ofProject appraisal techniques and internal and external auditdonor systemsAssess existing project nancial management systems and This is week three and four of The Development Project Toolkit. effect needed improvementsAppraise and choose between various prospective project DURATION FEE DATEVENUE investment opportunities using discounted cash-ow analysis10 DAYS 4,195 15 - 26 March 2021 DubaiFormulate project plans and budgets and understand their impact on project protability and cash-ows 04 - 15 October 2021 Washington D.C.THE AGILE PROJECT MANAGER(APMG AgilePM Certicate) /Agility in managing projects is becoming a critical need in an - Collaborate and communicateincreasingly pressured workplace. Effective focus, collaboration - Incremental change and adaptabilityand communication, adaptability and change, control and -Control, planning and risk management empowerment, and sound risk management and governance, are The life cycle process key themes in successfully delivering an agile and exible project. Products: what is produced and whenPractices, tools and techniques: timeboxing, modelling,Delegates will receive a grounding in the Agile Project Management iterative development, prioritization and facilitated workshops Framework, centred around the 5Ps of project management: Individual and organisational roles and responsibilities principles, people, processes, products and practices. This course Governance and empowerment will also provide an overview of the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) tools and techniques, taking an evolutionaryABOUT THE APMG INTERNATIONAL AGILEPM FOUNDATION approach to developing organisational solutions.QUALIFICATION: Crown Agents is in the process of applying to become an APMG COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) - this course is subject toCompare Agile project management with traditional approachessuccessful application. This course covers the syllabus of the APMGDeliver quicker, cost-effective and low risk change on an Agile AgilePM Foundation certicate. Delegates will take the Foundationprojectexam through APMG International. Apply core Agile project principles, concepts and processesApply the DSDM approach to projects and daily activities This is week two of The Agile People and Project Manager ToolkitBoost communication and stakeholder engagement skillson page 23. Apply and tailor management styles for Agile projects DURATION FEEDATE VENUE KEY TOPICS05 DAYS2,750 19 - 23 April 2021 DubaiAgile framework and DSDM 23 - 27 August 2021Washington D.C.The principles of Agile PM: - Deliver on time and to quality- Focus on the business need w: crownagents.com/training 75'