b"PREMIUM PROGRAMMESUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT:20% THE CIPS CORPORATE AWARD OFFISSUES AND SOLUTIONS JAN-MAR COURSESDevelop your team's skills with a programme that drives learningValue: ROI and other measurable cost benets have beenTHE ESSENTIAL PROGRAMME FOR ALL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGERS COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: directly back into your workplace. The CIPS Applied Learning Corporate proven outcomes of this training for many global organisations Dene the supply chain, its component parts and stakeholderAward is highly practical, coursework-based training in procurement and Professionalisation: Helps to promote positive changes in Supply chain management (SCM) is a vital and integral component in relationships supply that can be contextualised to your business area. performance and behaviour that benet organisational reputation an organisations success. Its essential to efficiency and protabilityand effectivenessand should be frequently reviewed at a senior and strategic level.Create a successful supply chain strategy Ideal for teams and individuals alike, CIPS Applied Learning transforms Apply current SCM best practices in your organisation individuals into internal consultants, using what they learn to driveAWARDHowever, many organisations fail to get the most out of their supply Analyse and manage risks within the supply chain business improvements, competitive advantage and raise the proleOn successfully completing all requirements, delegates will gain anchains and their relationships with key suppliers and customers, Motivate and build capacity of supply chain staff of your in-house expertise.award that is equivalent to the CIPS Level 4 qualication and conferswasting both time and money and missing opportunities to secure a Implement monitoring systems to ensure goals are achieved CIPS Diploma Membership.greater (and fairer) share of the overall value of goods. This Improve your data management and optimisation There are three levels of the award and this is the practitioner level which is equivalent to a diploma level qualication. It develops acomprehensive and step-by-step programme provides practitionersKEY TOPICS robust understanding of, and capabilities in, the procurementCOURSE REQUIREMENTSwith the tools and techniques to develop effective supply chains. Fundamentals of SCM and understanding supply chain ows essentials. Four assignments (of 3000 words each) to be successfullyKey enablers for successful SCM including relationship completed within nine months of completing the training course. It rst denes the supply chain, demonstrating its importance, management and technology integration SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED All teaching required for completion of these assignments will be illustrating different structural options in the marketplace and International supply chains and global commodities marketsDriving value delivered during the three-week training course.identifying the core competencies needed by staff. It explores the Supply chain management in international developmentManaging expenditure Delegates will start to work on the rst assignment during the strategic role of SCM, with delegates covering the key techniques Contract ManagementDeveloping contracts training and will submit this within two weeks of the courses involved in developing a successful SCM strategy through a deeper Managing risk and tackling corruptionSourcing essentials conclusion.understanding of supply chains from raw commodities through to Total Quality Management and ensuring sustainable SCMEffective negotiation A timetable will be provided for submission of the further three nished products. Improving the performance of a supply chain teamassignments over the following nine months. Please note allBENEFITS OF THE CORPORATE AWARD INCLUDE deadlines are strictly adhered to and late submissions will not Delegates dene the enablers for successful SCM, includingDelegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS. Accreditation: Results in a globally recognised award for yoube accepted. This course is only suitable for delegates who can organisational infrastructure; strategic alliances; human resourceand your team commit to completing all assignments within the designated management; data and technology; compliance and M&E. The issue ofDURATION FEEDATEVENUE Maximum relevance: Training is contextualised to yourtimeframe. risk within the Supply Chain, including corruption, is tackled head-on. organisation10 days 4,195 07 - 18 March 2022Washington D.C.Business improvement: Work-based assignments and projects DURATION FEEDATE12 - 23 September 2022 London completed during the award mean improvements are driven 15 days 6,650 DATES ON DEMAND directly back into the organisation INCOTERMS 2020: LATEST INTEGRITY AND VALUE-FOR-MONEY INDEVELOPMENTS AND PRACTICALPUBLIC PROCUREMENTAPPLICATIONIncoterms (International Commercial Terms) express contractual Review of Incoterms 2020 and Incoterms 2010 Institutional integrity and the consequences of corruption are a top Design and implement a transparent and ethical procurementobligations between the seller and the buyer in an international sale of Understanding the four groups and 11 termspriority on all national agendas. All organisations, public or private, are system focused on achieving best value goods. They guide and provide certainty in the contract of a sale. Incoterms and insurancestriving to obtain best value from their available procurement Develop corruption mitigation strategies and controlsIncorporation into the contractbudgets. Transparent, ethical and value-for-money procurement is Strengthen procurement performance through effective use ofThe contracting parties however do not always fully understand how Common errorsrecognised as a vital tool to maximise the impact of budgets and monitoring systems to utilise Incoterms in procurement, sales and contracting Other ICC rules such as UCP 600 for Letters of Creditachieve organisational goals. processes, or their linkages with payment systems. Incoterms alsoKEY TOPICS impact directly on obligations in relation to the contracts of carriageDelegates from the private sector may attend the rst three days ofIt is essential that the skills to monitor, critically assess and audit and insurance.this training course to learn the fundamentals of Incoterms. Procurement compliance vs procurement performance Course fee: 1,795. Shorter duration awareness training onprocurement operations are developed, along with the ability to Assessing and improving value-for-money This comprehensive course will explain all the changes introducedIncoterms is also available upon request.analyse results and develop strategies to minimise opportunities for Leadership and communication skills to improve integrity in theunder Incoterms 2020 and will provide delegates with practicalcorruption and strengthen procurement performance.workplace examples and case studies to help illustrate the correct application ofACCREDITATION Vulnerability assessment and procurement risk management all Incoterms Rules. Correct adoption will safeguard againstThe International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) now require IncotermsThis course addresses these critical global priorities. It will equip Ethical codes and policies and developing toolkits misunderstandings and disputes between buyers and sellers.2020 trainers to be examined and accredited. This Crown Agentsprocurement professionals with the tools needed to take a proactive eProcurements contribution to integrity and value-for-money training course is delivered by an ICC Registered Trainer in thelead in securing value-for-money and improving integrity across both COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Incoterms 2020 Rules. the public and private sectors. Delegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS.Incorporate Incoterms into sales contracts and purchase Incoterms and the Incoterms 2020 logo are trademarks of ICC. Useordersof these trademarks does not imply association with, approval of orIt focuses on the causes of poor and unethical practices and the areasThis is week two of The Public Procurement Toolkit: Sustainability,Understand the differences between Incoterms 2010 and sponsorship by ICC unless specically stated above. The Incotermswhere procurement is at its most vulnerable. By investigating how toIntegrity and Value-for-Money.Incoterms 2020Rules are protected by copyright owned by ICC. Further information onshift from a focus on compliance to performance, delegates will takeNegotiate appropriate Incoterms with the counterparty in the the Incoterm Rules may be obtained from the ICC websitea challenging look at issues of ethics and integrity in procurement.DURATION FEEDATE VENUE context of your risk proleiccwbo.org. This programme includes case studies of real value-for-money andUnderstand what Incoterms do not coveranti-corruption procurement initiatives delivered by Crown Agents and05 days2,49514 - 18 February 2022LondonAppreciate the dangers of varying or adapting the details of DURATION FEEDATEother organisations.12 - 16 September 2022London the terms 05 days2,495 DATES ON DEMAND COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: KEY TOPICS Develop systems for assessing and maximising value-for-moneyBackground to and rationale of Incoterms Promote a code of ethics and protect whistleblowers 98e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 99"