b'DIGITAL TRAINING FOR THE EUROPEANCOACHING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION ANDOUR CONSULTANCY EXPERTISE DEVELOPMENT (EBRD) We offer consultancy services in the area of training and professional development, helping department heads and training departments to identify capacity building needs. We then work with our clients to design and deliver effective professional HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES BOUNCE BACK FROM A CRISISdevelopment programmes.In a post-COVID-19 world, with economies attempting to recover from recession, micro, small and medium-sized enterprisesOffering a range of consultancy services, we specialise in skills-gap analysis, competency frameworks, training strategies and (MSMEs) will be of great importance to countries economic growth and will play a critical role in driving recovery. Crown Agentscoaching and mentoring programmes.many decades of advising governments and organisations on how to improve trade and export gives us a unique opportunity to support this agenda. Drawing on over 60 years of consultancy and training experience, we can support small businesses to overcome crises and build the export skills needed to achieve lasting success.In 2020, we designed and launched the EBRDs Know How Academy programme, a high-prole digital training project. This online learning and advice hub has been designed specically for the MSMEs that most need practical assistance to manage the impacts of COVID-19 now and as they plan for the future. Available in multiple languages, the programme includes six custom-designed crisis management e-learning modules and a wealth of tools and resources from knowledge partners and sector experts. Designed to help MSMEs mitigate and recover from the economic impact of the pandemic and other crises, the programme is supporting businesses across 30 economies where the EBRD operates.With the goal of building an ever-larger community of MSMEs and providing an integrated suite of services in a digital setting, this programme is one of the ways the EBRD is helping to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth across its key regions. We are now developing further digital content on this learning platform for the EBRD, aimed at the MSME community. TrainTraining NeedsDesigning Coaching Competencythe Trainer Analysis Training and MentoringFrameworksStrategies OVER ITS INITIAL 12-MONTH DURATION THE PROGRAMME RESULTED IN:17,000 10,000 27,000We are able to support and advise our clients on all stages of the consultancy process, including preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.DELVE DEEPER INTO YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES THROUGH EXPERT COACHINGREGISTEREDMODULESTOOLSOR MENTORING USERSCOMPLETED DOWNLOADED Coaching is an integral part of our training approach, offering an opportunity for delegates to explore their personal motivations, strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for growth and improvement away from the pressures of the work environment and everyday life.On some of our premium scheduled programmes we offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions for delegates to explore eLearning is becoming increasingly more prevalent as a teaching tool. With Crown Agents we have been at the forefront of turning eLearning intotheir workplace challenges and to develop a solution and action plan, both during and after the course. Personalised mentoring sessions can also be built into our customised programmes as an opportunity either for delegates to ask specialist technical a medium that can be multilingual, multicountry and be a force for goodquestions relating to their business or to develop a deeper understanding of elements covered in the course. in accessing underserved communities that aspire to better their ALEX PAINE, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, EBRD. knowledge of business management. DELIVERING LARGE-SCALE TRAINING PROGRAMMES FOR YOU ON OUR LMS This programme for the EBRD is being delivered on Crown Agents Learning Management System (LMS). This platform is ideal for delivering large quantities of e-learning for big training cohorts and can be used for learners in multiple locations and in multiple languages. If you need to deliver training on a larger scale, contact us to discuss how we could design a bespoke programme for you. For more information, please contact customisedtraining@crownagents.co.uk10e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'