b'CASE STUDYFUNDAMENTALS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING WITH BANGLADESH BANKIn June 2021, Bangladesh Bank (The Central Bank of Bangladesh) contracted Crown Agents to develop a customised training course tailored to the needs of 11 officials within the banks Project Management Unit (PMU) and related government ministries.OUR DELEGATES ENJOYING CULTURAL VISITS AND TRAINING ACTIVITIES IN PREVIOUS YEARSBangladesh Bank is in the process of implementing a project entitledON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, DELEGATES WERE ABLE TO:Program to support Safety Retrots and Environmental Upgrades in Understand how to identify, analyse and engage with a range ofthe Bangladeshi Ready-Made Garments Sector (SREUP), in project stakeholders partnership with various Europe-based agencies. The training course Apply effective methods of project planning, scheduling anddelivered by Crown Agents aimed to equip delegates with key skills in controlproject management so that they could meet the demands of this Consider an appropriate approach to monitoring and evaluation forprogramme; this included facilitating low-cost nances to the export-a given projectoriented RMG factories of Bangladesh to address their safety Participate in the management of projects from identication toremediation and social and environmental up-gradation issues. closure THE PROJECT Due to the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, this With content tailored to the nancial services context in which theprogramme was delivered remotely over the Zoom platform. bank operates, Crown Agents delivered practical customised training over the course of six half-day sessions to enhance the skills delegates needed to deliver this project. An interactive and practical course. Training delivery methods were highly interactive, and the course wasIt has provided insightful delivery on designed with a large degree of practical content, including groupdifferent aspects of project management discussions, learning exercises, scenario role-playing and case studies. A central focus was on delegate action planning as a processto the team.to translate classroom learning into skills in the workplace. MD. ABDUL MANNAN, General Manager and Project Director, SREUP, Crown Agents expert trainers provided a broad overview of the veBangladesh Bank phases of Project Management in the context of development projects. This gave all participants an understanding of the fundamentals of project management and provided a platform for further training interventions to enhance their skillset.'