b'MEET OUR TEAM BUILDING BACK TOGETHERThe training team has its headquarters in London and staff and representatives in a further eight countries. Our staff pride themselves on their deep local knowledge of the countries and clients they serve and will work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver the very best training solution. We are committed to enabling our clients to exceed their learning objectives and create lasting individual and institutional impact.Dear Colleagues,What an extraordinary time we have lived through since the early months of 2020. Our hearts go out to those of our global family who have lost loved ones.As we near the end of 2021, the situation remains extremely challenging around the world, but there are green shoots of recovery as many countries begin to bring infection rates under control and start to nd ways to live with COVID-19 as an ongoing reality.PENNY GRUBERDAVE MCGLINCHEYAARRON SMARTCROWN AGENTS IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF GLOBAL VACCINE DELIVERIESHead of Training & Professional DevelopmentLead - Programme ManagementLead - Business Development +44 (0)203 940 4093 +44 (0)203 940 4143+44 (0)203 940 4037 Working at Crown Agents has been a source of quiet pride for us since the pandemic began. We have procured and delivered +44 (0)7748 644 680+44 (0)7970 137 863+44 (0)7760 552 962vaccines to some of the most remote places on earth, using our long experience of last-mile logistics to ensure vaccines reach penny.gruber@crownagents.co.uk dave.mcglinchey@crownagents.co.uk aarron.smart@crownagents.co.uk even the most isolated communities. You can read more about our pandemic response on page 12. OUR 360 OFFERING: IN-PERSON, REMOTE AND E-LEARNING. WE ARE PROUD TO NOW BE A FULL-SERVICE TRAINING ORGANISATIONAs travel became impossible, we utilised the experience of our in-house digital learning expert to develop aremote training offering which delivers the highest level of learning engagement and interaction online. As of November 2021,we have delivered customised remote training programmes to staff at more than 20 organisations. Learn more on page 9. We can also deliver larger-scale, multi-country e-learning via our Learning Management System. See page 10 to nd out about NII MAC-CARTHYMAUREEN ADEWAKUNMARGARET GATUHI our project for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which has so far reached more than 17,000 micro and small Country Representative - West AfricaCountry Representative - Kenya Training and Professional Developmentbusinesses across 30 countries. +233 (0)268 792 483Manager - Nigeria+254 (0)729 624 622 nii.maccarthy@crownagents.co.uk +234 (0)803 314 5652margaret.gatuhi@uk.crownagents.com maureen.adewakun@ng.crownagents.com FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING IS BACKWe were one of a very few international training companies that resumed in-person training during the pandemic. We achieved this through extensive research into the safest global locations and by adhering to strict COVID-safe protocols. We have so far run courses in Dubai, Ghana, Nigeria and the UK and are delighted to be resuming training in the US as entry requirements ease. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer a wider range of locations throughout the course of next year.NEW TRAINING COURSES IN 2022Were excited to launch six new courses in 2022, focused on four key speciality areas for TPD: procurement, governance, nancial management and the banking sector. BENJAMIN OFFORElsa EndaleCHARLOTTE MACCALLUM Sales and Operations Administrator - Sales and Operations AdministratorMarketing Manager West AfricaEast Africa+44 (0)203 940 4094 +233 (0)24 851 5462+251 (0)91 187 6343+44 (0)7416 440 641 benjamin.offor@gh.crownagents.com elsa.endale@et.crownagents.com charlotte.maccallum@crownagents.co.uk We are feeling positive as we look towards the coming year, and sincerely hope that we will be able to meet many of you in person once again.With the warmest of wishes for the continued good health of you and your families. MABEL TOJU CLINE-COLELUKE HARRISMARTIN WILSON Learning and Programme ManagerSenior Project and Operations ManagerBid ManagerPenny Gruber+44 (0)203 940 4073+44 (0)7368 357 290+44 (0)203 940 4028Head of Training and Professional Development+44 (0)7818 537 415luke.harris@crownagents.co.uk martin.wilson@crownagents.co.ukmabel.cline-cole@crownagents.co.uk4e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'