b'INVESTMENT OF PENSION FUND ASSETSPENSION SCHEME GOVERNANCE AND REGULATIONAgainst the backdrop of New Normal nancial conditions of historicCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:The roles of Regulators, Governors and Trustees with a duciaryAnalyse the cash ow needs of the scheme visvislow interest rates, bond yields combined with low property rental Understand the principal asset valuation techniquesresponsibility to act in the best interests of pension scheme members investment opportunities yields, and disappointing equity market returns, pension schemes are Appreciate the limitations of public security investmenthave evolved in recent years to become of critical importance to the Appreciate the role of pension system regulators under great pressure. They need to deliver higher returns to meet their Analyse the risks and return potential of the major asset classesfuture of pension provisioning.Understand recent initiatives towards more holistic andincreasing liabilities due to the greater longevity of pension scheme Understand the tenets of modern portfolio theory inclusive systems members. Appreciate the potential benets of, and risks pertaining to, As pension scheme assets globally fall further behind the liabilities Challenge status quo systems in a reasoned and structured private market investmentthat they are intended to fund, and yields continue to fall, the manner Asset allocation remains a critical consideration as pension schemes Analyse the key risks of different asset typesrequirement for regulatory reform driven from the bottom up, under seek to leverage their natural liquidity in order to generate higheradvisement from those responsible for schemes at the coal face hasKEY TOPICS returns from longer term investment in new capital assets. TheKEY TOPICSincreased. Pension scheme roles of Regulators, Trustees and othertraditional approach of allocating to existing securities marketsRisk pricing across the principal asset classes responsible parties which may only result in increasingly inated prices for existing Equity market analysis and valuation techniquesIn addition to these challenges, the requirement for a more hands The pivotal role of pensions in contemporary economies capitalis increasingly being called into question. Consequently, The role of bonds and money market securities in pension fundson approach to the stewardship of pension scheme assets has Poor performance of pension scheme assets and investmentinvestors urgently need to acquire the knowledge and skills to Bond valuation and key risk measures including durationbecome evident against a backdrop of disappointing investments.managers condently invest in asset classes such as Private Equity and Analysing the risk and return proles of Private Equity andBuilding condence in pension systems and individual schemes Infrastructure assets. Infrastructure investmentThis course takes delegates through the roles, risks, issues andChallenging advisors and service providers to deliver greater Understanding asset-liability risk from a pension fund perspectiveprocesses involved in protecting the rights and members of all value Pension scheme Governors and Trustees with a duciary responsibility The critical role of liquidity in contemporary investmentbeneciaries; the challenges of pensions roles in improving nancial Strategic initiatives, e.g. increased scale, internal investmentto act in the best interests of members have also increasingly been Risk management and the role of derivatives inclusion; and the different regulatory models and challenges involved management questioning the value added by external asset managers, noting theirin protecting the interests of pension schemes. The wider stewardship role of pension schemes in the futureoften disappointing performance, and taking on these responsibilities themselves. DURATION FEE DATE VENUE COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:DURATION FEE DATE VENUE05 days2,49504 - 08 April 2022 Dubai Appreciate the increasingly important societal and economicThere are many complex decisions to be made and this course will role of pensions05 days2,49525 - 29 April 2022 Mauritius arm those responsible for investment of pension fund assets with the01 - 05 August 2022 LondonUnderstand duciary responsibilities to stakeholders in scheme 01 - 05 August 2022 Londonknowledge to make these critical choices with greater condence.management PENSION SCHEME INVESTMENT IN PRIVATEPENSION MANAGEMENT IN EQUITY AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPING ECONOMIESIn recent times, pension schemes have signicantly increased Appreciate the key factor of liquidity in private assets visvis Governments and private sector employers are reviewing their pension Shape objectives and informed decision making on the properallocations to alternative asset classes and, in particular, to private mainstream securitiescommitments and the difficult decisions that have to be considered in investment of pension scheme assets equity and infrastructure assets. The theoretical investment argument Understand the important differences between infrastructure order to maintain a sustainable commitment to pension provision.Identify the specic opportunities and threats relating tofor these allocations is sound, given the high prices of traditional and public goods investment of pension fund assets: public investment assets, the liquidity premium that pension schemesSchemes are becoming less generous against a backdrop of profoundIn domestic and overseas market can harvest and the creation of new capital assets which suffer lessKEY TOPICSdemographic changes, as the risks and burdens of adequate pensionIn mainstream securities and private assets such asfrom the surfeit of saved capital chasing too few public equities and The nature and risk/return prole of private asset investmentfunding shift to the individual. This is necessitating substantialPrivate Equity and Infrastructure bonds in most capital markets, which increase prices and reduce Rationales for pension scheme allocation to private equity and changes to the management of schemes. In addition, the broadening yields. infrastructureof pension scheme investment into private asset classes such asKEY TOPICSPitfalls in private asset investment and the key role of effective Private Equity and Infrastructure assets calls for a new set of Scheme types In addition to analysing the potential portfolio diversication benets due diligenceanalytical and management skills.Changes in pension provision of private assets, delegates will examine the principal types of private Realistic liquidity analysis in public and private asset markets The role of the actuary equity, ranging from venture capital through to growth equity, late Evolution of private investments and key exit strategiesThis course addresses these emerging challenges and provides an in-The valuation process stage/pre-IPO investments and buyouts. This course will also cover Project nance structures and participants depth insight into the investment management issues facing pension Funding and investment management, includingthe investment vehicles and fund structures used as conduits forschemes in a development environment.Private Equity and Infrastructure pension scheme investment.DURATION FEE DATE VENUEPortfolio management and performance measurement With a focus on real-life examples delivered by trainers with extensive Scheme administration and governance Delegates will discuss the suitability of different types of05 days2,49504 - 08 April 2022Dubaion-the-ground international experience, it examines best practice Legislation and regulation infrastructure assets for pension scheme investment, and draw the28 November - 02 December 2022 Dubai concepts, and delivers clear practical guidance steps that will Trusteeshipcareful distinction between these and public goods perhaps moreempower delegates to contribute to the development and delivery of appropriately funded by taxation.sustainable pension schemes in their own environment.DURATION FEEDATEVENUE COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:10 days 4,19520 June - 01 July 2022 LondonAppreciate the increasingly important role played by privateUnderstand pension principles and engender more robust 26 September - 07 October 2022Kuala Lumpur equity in investment pension scheme provisionUnderstand the fundamental drivers behind the evolution of theApply best practice governance to ensure more effective market management of pension scheme risksAnalyse the risk/return prole of private equity investment Design and implement change in pension schemes to make Identify the principal actors in infrastructure project nancethem more sustainable and operationally efficient transactions 66e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 67'