b'ACHIEVING NET ZERO: ENVIRONMENTALESG AND INNOVATION IN SUSTAINABLE SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE FORNEW FINANCE: STRUCTURING SOLUTIONS TONEWBOARDS AND SENIOR EXECUTIVESBRIDGE FUNDING GAPSWith the threat of climate change, governments, organisations and Condently engage with stakeholders on your environmental Funding ranks as one of the greatest challenges faced by nation-states Understand Green Bond and Social Impact Bond markets andcitizens around the world are focussing on what actions they can take performance and full your organisations obligations around building sustainable infrastructure. The delivery of environmental and investor objectives to slow the negative impacts of CO 2emissions. Boards and Senior environmental and climate reportingsocial (E&S) objectives demands levels of nancing that cannot be met Appreciate the purpose of loan syndication in facilitatingExecutives can no longer continue to externalise the costs ofby national governments and development banks alone.participation across nancier constituencies degradation, pollution and climate change on others. All stakeholdersKEY TOPICS Analyse the role of different participants, their funding types andnow expect that they will address unsustainable business practices Environment and climate change issues, standards and initiatives Projects and other initiatives must increasingly be structured to interactions and seek to make a positive environmental impact.Climate risk management facilitate the participation of commercial banks and investors, andMeasuring emissions, sources of climate data and data assurancesource the level of nancing that is urgently required to transition toKEY TOPICS This course will take a deep dive into sustainability and ESG from a Environmental and climate investing and impact assessment greener economies and deliver other E&S goals. ESG, sustainability and climate changegreen investmentglobal environmental perspective. Participants will explore how to Adapting organisational operations towards Net Zeroopportunities, funding requirements, and implications for thetransition to Net Zero and what opportunities are available for Leading change and communicating the Net Zero ambition and Through comprehensive technical coverage and relevant case whole nancial sectorleveraging innovative climate solutions, technological advances and transition planstudies, this highly practical programme looks carefully at the key The roles of key participants, including government bodies,green investments. This will support you to deliver economic benets Environmental compliance and controlissues surrounding the successful structuring and arrangement of, commercial and development banks and investors whilst protecting the environment. Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and participation in, nancing of sustainable economic initiatives. This Collaborate funding and project nancereporting requirementscourse will explore the measurement of E&S impact and the capital Green Bonds and Loans and the greenwashing issue COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Technological solutions and innovationstructuring of existing rms and special purpose vehicles. It also looks Loan syndication structures with banking and investor Understand the causes of climate change and environmental at the sources of revenue generation for the parties involved, such as participantsdegradation, and appreciate how the issues, impacts and This is week two of The Sustainability, ESG and Net Zero Toolkit forfees and carbon credits, as well as net interest income. Key funding types: grants, equity, guarantees and senior and potential solutions vary around the worldBoards and Senior Executives.subordinated debt tranchesDetail the relevant global initiatives and accords including the UN COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Maximising the additionality of external funding Sustainability Programme, Paris Agreement, COP26 and Net Zero DURATION FEE DATE VENUEUnderstand ESG, sustainability and climate change in a global and how these are driving country and organisational target setting05 days2,49524 - 28 October 2022 LondoncontextDURATION FEE DATE VENUE Challenge the adequacy and effectiveness of your organisationsAppreciate the role of nancial structuring in facilitating 05 days2,750 13 - 17 June 2022London risk governance and management responsesparticipation in sustainable initiatives Drive your organisations ambitions and transition planning, andUnderstand project nance for environmental and social maintain effective oversight of your environmental strategyenterprises ESG AND GREEN PUBLIC FINANCIALESG, SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE MANAGEMENT: SUSTAINABILITY AND THENEW FOR BANK EXECUTIVES - TRANSITIONING TONEWTRANSITION TO NET ZERO NEW LENDING STRATEGIES Public nancial managers are now facing an increasingly urgent issue Assess, plan and budget for capital and other investment in the Amidst the urgent response to environmental threats, banks, as Review the status of a clients ESG credentials and green transition- the need to devise strategic transition plans to meet their ESG and context of your countrys NDCs nanciers, are expected to play a pivotal role in the transition to a plans against bank requirements and expectationssustainable development goals. Appreciate the range of nancing options available for sustainable lower carbon economy. Engage in a strategic dialogue with clients to inuence their ESG investment and green ambitions This must include an appreciation of the broader transformation Outline key ESG issues for nance staff, procurement staff, Not only are banks expected to align their nancing with the goals and Deliver ESG reporting to recognised and emerging standards,needed to help their organisation transition towards its own Net Zero, auditors and pensions investorstimelines of the Paris Agreement, but investors are increasingly including the latest climate-related nancial disclosureESG and Nationally Dened Contributions (NDC) goals.Understand and meet ESG and climate-related disclosure, expecting banks to transform their lending strategy and drive their requirementsreporting and accounting requirementsclients green transition plans. Only banks that do so will be able to This course will help participants to examine and adopt green publicmaintain and strengthen their credibility and secure new long-termKEY TOPICS nancial management (PFM) strategies and practices. In the contextKEY TOPICSinvestment. ESG, Sustainability and Climate Change - drivers, context,of current and emerging ESG risks and opportunities, delegates will The local and global drivers for Green PFM and ESGimplications, goals, and denitions critically assess their PFM policies, nancing strategy and capital ESG and Net Zero transition planning and organisational This course explores the practical steps required to transform bank Environmental sectoral analysis: scope and opportunities forinvestment framework. They will also explore issues of ethics and transformation lending and inuence clients transition plans. It will also examine greater ambitionintegrity and how to mitigate against greenwashing and corruption Capital budgeting, planning and sustainable procurement climate-related nancial disclosure and transparency initiatives and Lending portfolio strategies risks. ESG and sustainability in programme/project appraisalobligations facing banks and their customers. Delegates will draw Examining physical climate riskEnvironmental, climate and social impact assessmentupon case studies to help highlight and illustrate key ESG risks and Credit and project nance appraisal incorporating ESG/GreenThis highly practical training will equip public nancial managers with ESG investment strategies and opportunities opportunities, and bank lending and underwriting decisions.criteria the necessary understanding, skills and tools to condently address Sustainable nance, ESG bonds and nancial instrumentsAssessing migration plans to lower carbon business models,these complex issues and help their organisation to deliver on its Pensions scheme investor perspective and ESG screening or COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: supply chain resilience and circular economy initiatives environmental and social impact goals. investing Understand ESG, sustainability and climate change concepts andManaging transition risks Sustainability and integrated ESG reporting under internationalglobal drivers COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: frameworks Outline international and local standards, requirements and laws, DURATION FEE DATE VENUE Identify key ESG and climate change risks and opportunities facingInternal and external audit and oversightand their impact on banks 05 days2,750 05 - 09 December 2022London your organisation Meet ESG and climate-related nancial disclosure reporting Adapt public nance policy and strategy in response to ESG risks, DURATION FEE DATE VENUErequirementsopportunities and obligations 10 days 4,195 14 - 25 November 2022 LondonConduct robust sectoral analysis to inform credit and investment portfolio strategy, to mitigate risks and deliver sustainable environmental and societal impact 76e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 77'