b"ABOUT THE PORTFOLIOTHE SUSTAINABILITY, ESG AND NET ZERO TOOLKIT FOR BOARDS AND SENIORNEWThe environmental, social and governance (ESG) aims of allEXECUTIVESgovernments and organisations have shifted dramatically in line This two-week programme combines: Detail relevant global initiatives and accords and how these arewith unprecedented risks to sustainability. driving country and organisational target setting Responding to Sustainability and ESG Risks and 05 daysDrive and oversee your organisations ESG and Net Zero ambitions,Opportunities for Boards and Senior Executivestransition planning and strategy Achieving Net Zero: Environmental Sustainability and05 days Recognise the transformation and cultural change required toClimate Change for Boards and Senior Executivesimplement an ethical transition Focussed on the core components of ESG strategies, our courses will support clients from all types of organisation to transition to a more Critically assess your organisations ESG and sustainablesustainable business model that protects your ability to ourish as stringent global reporting and borrowing requirements come Stakeholders now expect that Boards and Senior Executives will investment programmes and funding opportunities into force.address unsustainable business practices and seek to make a positive Condently engage with stakeholders on performance and fullenvironmental impact. Environmental goals must now be integrated your organisations obligations around ESG and climate reporting For organisations in the banking and nancial services sector, our three dedicated ESG programmes will address a wide range of practicalinto organisational strategies and development programmes as a key issues including new regulatory and reporting requirements and supporting clients through their transition phase. priority. Global ESG and sustainability standards, measures andKEY TOPICS reporting requirements are also evolving and must be adhered to. Risk governance and management for sustainability and ESG Stakeholder engagement around ESG and environmental issues This course will equip Boards and Senior Executives to lead the Alignment of organisational direction and structuralnecessary organisational transformation and transition planning to reassessment, adaption and transformation meet their ESG and sustainability targets. Participants will explore how Measuring emissions, sources of climate data and data assurance FEATURED TRAINERS to transition to Net Zero and what opportunities are available for Environmental and climate investing and impact assessment leveraging innovative climate solutions, technological advances and ESG, sustainability and Taskforce for Climate-related Financialgreen investments.Disclosures (TCFD) disclosure, transparency and reporting requirements COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Technological solutions and innovation Understand ESG, sustainability and the causes of environmental degradation, and meet the requirements, standards and DURATION FEE DATE VENUE expectations of stakeholders 10 days 4,195 17 - 28 October 2022LondonRESPONDING TO SUSTAINABILITY AND ESG RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR BOARDSNEWAND SENIOR EXECUTIVESDUNCAN HUGHESNICOLA MANDERThe ESG aims of all governments and organisations have shifted Apply effective governance over sustainability and ensure yourdramatically in line with unprecedented risks to sustainability. Boards risk management, compliance and control frameworks areDuncan has over 25 years of experienceNicola is Crown Agents' Direct or ofand Senior Executives must now assess these critical issues and seek adapted and robustinnovative solutions to environmental threats, which can in turn open Drive forwards a conducive culture based on fairness, integrity andin nancial services across the banking,Climate Change and Energy. up opportunities for a better and more sustainable future. Many ethical behaviour, openness and transparency, accountability andasset management and insuranceWith over 24 years of international experience in climate change,stakeholders now demand that business is conducted responsibly and competency takes into account sustainable economic performance and societal Identify the sources of sustainability and ESG nancing andsectors.environmental and social sustainability, energy research, proje ctand environmental impact.funding opportunities available to the organisationand programme development and delivery, and consultancy During his career in nancial services he has held many seniorservices, she has gained deep-rooted technical skills across aThis course will equip Boards and Senior Executives to lead theKEY TOPICS positions at major nancial rms including NM Rothschild andrange of environmental initiatives. necessary organisational transformation and transition planning to Columbia Threadneedle, where he was responsible for, amongstmeet their ESG and sustainability goals. It will be a catalyst for Risk governance and management for sustainability and ESG other things, green bond structuring and the development ofSpecialising in inclusive economic growth and overcoming climateenhancing standards of governance excellence, integrating ESG Global ESG and sustainability standards, measurement andsustainable investment products. resilience challenges in developing countries, Nicola hasconsiderations to provide the right strategic direction, lead metricscontributed to and led several large, complex urban sustainability,performance and compliance of the organisation and achieve the best Stakeholder engagement around ESG issues Duncan is a tutor for all three levels of the internationallybiodiversity restoration, community watershed stewardship,outcomes for all stakeholders. Alignment of organisational directionrecognised Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme, as wellrenewable energy transition, climate action planning and major Structural reassessment, adaption and transformation as the CFAs international ESG programme and their Climateevent greening programmes at local, country-wide and Cultural and behavioural elements of ESG and sustainability international scales in Africa. She has also worked extensively onCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Integrated assurance and oversight Change impact qualication. Working with some of the worlds Understand ESG and sustainability in a global and local context,ESG and sustainability disclosure, transparency and reportingleading banks, he has provided consultancy services to assist withenvironmental communications, aiming to bridge the science-the complex transition of their asset portfolios and capitalpolicy divide and grow awareness of the tools and approaches that and meet the requirements, standards and expectations ofrequirements allocations to meet Net Zero emissions targets and environmentalcan help practitioners identify appropriate solutions to context-stakeholderscommitments. specic challenges.Strategically re-assess your organisational directionThis is week one of The Sustainability, ESG and Net Zero Toolkit forAppreciate the enablers of sustainability and ESG and recognise Boards and Senior Executives.With a speciality in ESG training, Duncan has also delivered the transformation and cultural change required to be able to drive through impactful solutions DURATION FEE DATE VENUEprogrammes for all levels within banking organisations to build knowledge capacity to support the transition to more sustainable05 days2,49517 - 21 October 2022Londonbalance sheets and product ranges. 74e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 75"