b'COUNTERING AND AUDIT OF FRAUD ANDTHE STRATEGY TOOLKITCORRUPTIONThe risks from fraud, bribery, corruption, nancial and economic crimeCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:This three-week programme combines: Develop performance management processes that ensureare extremely serious, complex and more likely to materialise with Understand and assess the current and changing nature ofalignment of objectives signicant detrimental impacts for countries, societies, fraud and corruption risks, and global mitigation strategiesCreating Innovative Practices and Strategies10 days Make best use of innovations in information, communicationsadministrations and organisations of all types. This threat needs to be Design effective counter fraud and corruption mitigation (approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management) and technology countered in a strategic, systematic, integrated and professional and controlDirecting and Managing Organisational Strategy 05 days Empower teams and effectively manage conicts arisingmanner to global good practice standards and governance Describe an effective counter fraud and corruption culture from change expectations. This is critical for organisational sustainability and Audit and assure counter fraud and corruption arrangementsIdeal for all those with responsibility for creating or directing strategy success, protection of stakeholder value and public condence.in their organisation. In weeks one and two, delegates will focus onKEY TOPICS KEY TOPICSwhat innovation means and how it can be stimulated in teams and Exploring how innovative organisations measure, plan for andThe best counter fraud strategy is based on deterrence, and where The nature of fraud, bribery, corruption, nancial and individuals to create an organisational strategy thats adaptable and implement innovation and optimise information technology possible prevention, and requires good governance, risk management economic crimeresilient in a changing world. Delegates will draw on their own real-life Understanding your organisations priorities and currentand robust control, all operating within a conducive culture of integrity Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for governance and strategic challenges and work on solutions with input from their approach to strategic management and transparency. This needs to be rigorously audited and assured. management of fraud and corruption riskpeers, tutors and inspirational guest speakers and visits. Developing an organisation and teams within it that want toHaving a robust and committed counter fraud and corruption strategy Fraud and corruption risk mitigation and control strategieslearn and improve in place, with the resourced capacity and competency to enforce it, and techniquesIn week three, the focus is on the practical skills and techniques Determining strategic objectives, allocation of resource andwill signicantly deter and prevent fraud and corruption, and is also an Counter fraud and corruption cultureneeded to create a workable and sustainable strategy that aligns with budget, and measurement of success essential prerequisite for successful detection, investigation and Auditing and assuring counter fraud arrangements organisational risks and opportunities, utilising the most effective Best use of project life cycle and planning tools prosecution when it occurs.planning and measurement tools and technologies. Leadership styles and behaviours that facilitate or hinderDURATION FEE DATE VENUEinnovation This interactive course provides valuable insights into currentCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Aligning department, team and individual performance tointernational good practice techniques and aids delegates to05 days2,49525 - 29 April 2022 Miami Understand your organisations unique strategic challenges strategic objectivesevaluate, develop and improve fraud risk management.07 - 11 November 2022LondonEnhance the competencies that facilitate innovationSelect and plan strategies and manage risks effectively It will benet everyone with a role in managing, auditing or oversight Establish strategic objectives using tools such as the balanced DURATION FEE DATE VENUEof fraud and corruption risk, i.e. all three lines of defence.scorecard 15 days 5,95027 June - 15 July 2022London 28 November - 16 December 2022DubaiICT STRATEGY, GOVERNANCE AND CREATING INNOVATIVE PRACTICES AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES [approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management]Transformational change often means taking on increasingly largeKEY TOPICSThe dynamic global environment challenges all organisations toKEY TOPICS and complex ICT projects - and equally increasing concerns around Aligning the ICT strategy with the organisational strategyevolve and respond to changing trends. Successful innovation is at What is an innovative organisation? Explore inuences such asthe risk of project failure. Importance of good ICT governancethe heart of making the most of the opportunities this provides.culture, structure and business modelTechnology choices, acquisition and risk Developing an organisation and teams within it that respond,This course examines the rationale for ICT strategy and the reasons Managing and leading change and projectsThis programme focuses on enabling managers to stimulatelearn and improve why an organisation might need a governance framework. Key areas Project methodologies, resources and assuranceinnovation in teams and individuals at all levels in their organisation Case studies of innovative organisations: how they measure,explored include: market trends that could enable or disrupt an ICT stakeholders, communications, risk and issue for improved operational performance and the development ofplan for and implement innovation and optimise informationorganisations services; the impact of technology changes on human managementeffective strategies for long term success. technology capital; and key risks, constraints and cost implications associated Realising benets and dealing with poorly performing projectsThe power of engaging stakeholders in innovative thinkingwith technology choices.The programme is highly interactive and responsive to participants using participative decision-making tools DURATION FEEDATEenvironments, focused on relevant problems, experience sharing and Using project life cycle and planning tools with agility andIt also examines factors that are critical to the successful evaluation of best practices with a range of guest speakers and visits. managing the risks of innovation implementation of large public ICT projects and considers the10 days 4,195DATES ON DEMAND Its ideal for all managers and leaders actively seeking new or Managing in a culture of change: motivation, inuence, andmethods, tools, techniques and skills needed to be able to positivelyimproved strategies and outputs and ways for their organisation to conict management inuence a projects success.deliver them. Leadership styles and behaviours that facilitate or hinder innovation COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Develop ICT strategy aligned to organisational strategy Enhance the competencies that facilitate innovationThis is week one and two of The Strategy Toolkit. Describe different types of ICT governance frameworks andDevelop organisations exible enough to meet demandsDURATION FEE DATE VENUE the support they provide Make best use of innovations in information, communications Identify risks and create a risk management plan relatedand technology10 days 4,25027 June - 08 July 2022 Londonto technology acquisition and ICT projects Select and plan strategies sensitive to a changing and 28 November - 09 December 2022 Dubai Manage key stakeholders, provide project assurance anduncertain environment and manage risks effectivelymaintain project control Empower teams and effectively manage the conicts that Describe remedies for a poorly performing projectinnovation can provokeSupport the adoption and continuous improvement of innovative strategies 40e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 41'