b'20%THE AGILE PEOPLE AND PROJECT20% EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SKILLS OFF OFFJAN-MARMANAGER TOOLKIT JAN-MAR COURSES COURSESThis programme is designed for those who are either new toKEY TOPICSThis two-week programme combines: Deliver quicker, cost-effective and low risk change on anmanagement, or have been managing for a while but have not Solving problems and effective decision making Agile project completed any formal training. It offers an opportunity to improve your Organisation and delegationThe Agile Manager 05 days Apply the DSDM approach to projects and daily activitiesperformance as a manager.The Agile Project Manager (APMG AgilePM Certicate)05 days Apply and tailor management styles for Agile projectsThe role of a manager in meeting stakeholders expectations(see the course outline on p.77) It focuses on four main areas: understanding what is needed to be a Understanding your own management style to increase KEY TOPICS successful manager; problem solving and making decisions;self-awarenessTo be successful in todays organisation, you must be able to adapt Management styles and their impactunderstanding your organisations needs; delegation and effective Key skills to manage team morale and build effective teamsand respond quickly to the changing needs and wants of your team Managing change within oneself and for the team team working. Delegates will also gain inuencing skills and learn a Inuencing to increase collaboration and deliver results and deliver projects in an agile way. Flexibility, compassion and agility Communication skills, attitudes and behaviours number of key techniques to deliver impactful presentations and teamare key attributes of an effective manager. On the other hand, focus, Performance managementbalancing team, task andbriengs. DURATION FEEDATEVENUE adaptability, collaboration, communication, control, empowerment, individual needs10 days 4,250 31 January - 11 February 2022Londonrisk management and governance are all key themes of a modern-day Traditional project managementconstraints and disciplines COURSE OBJECTIVES: On completion, you will be able to:project. Agile project principles, life cycle processes and products Understand the key attributes of the successful manager 11 - 22 July 2022 London Agile project roles and responsibilitiesAdapt your management style to improve performance for05 - 16 December 2022Dubai This programme will help you to balance these demands and become DSDM practices, tools and techniques yourself and your teama more successful 21st century manager. In week one, delegates willBreak down problems and come up with workable solutionscover the skills and attributes needed to develop high performingABOUT THE APMG INTERNATIONAL AgilePM FOUNDATIONDelegate effectively to ensure targets are metteams and individuals. The second week will focus on the principles,QUALIFICATION people, processes, products and practices of the Agile ProjectCrown Agents is in the process of applying to become an APMGUse inuencing skills to achieve your goalsManagement Framework, and the tools and techniques of theAccredited Training Organisation (ATO) - this course is subject toDevelop your innovative thinking and introduce new ideasDynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).successful application. This course covers the syllabus of the APMGUse key techniques to deliver impactful presentations and International AgilePM Foundation certicate. Delegates will take the team briengs COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Foundation exam through APMG International. Understand your own preferred style of management and the impact it has on your teamDURATION FEEDATEVENUE Be a change agent and employ powerful communication 10 days 4,45028 March - 08 April 2022Londonstrategies and skills 15 - 26 August 2022 Washington D.C.MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT FOR20% 20% EXECUTIVES (approved by the Institute of OFF OFFJAN-MARTHE AGILE MANAGER JAN-MAR Leadership & Management) COURSES COURSESINCLUDES COACHING FOR PERFORMANCE MODULE Prepare for your next step: understand the difference between The role of managers in senior and executive positions is evolving. ToKEY TOPICSmanagement and leadership and the skills you need to make be successful in todays organisation, you must be able to adapt and Identifying various management styles and how they impact in An ideal progression course for delegates who have completed the that transitionrespond quickly to the changing needs and wants of your team. different environments Effective Management Skills course. This programme builds on theFlexibility, compassion and agility are therefore key attributes of an Managing change within oneself and for the team skills learned to further arm the developing manager with essentialKEY TOPICSeffective and authentic manager. Team development and the role of the team leader knowledge and tools. It is also very relevant for experienced staff who Understanding your management style and areasCommunication skills, attitude and behaviours will soon be making the transition from a management to a leadership needing improvementThis programme will help you become a more successful 21st century Performance managementbalancing team, task androle. The role of managers in senior and executive positions is evolving Aligning your teams competencies with organisational goalsmanager and raise your prole and credibility within your organisation. individual needs to include high-level performance management and change Developing effective and motivated teamsIt focuses on the skills and attributes needed to achieve a balance Looking aheadthe difference between management andfacilitation. This course has a particular focus on developing yourself Managing organisational changebetween delivering results, creating a high performing team and leadership as a manager and developing sustainable and successful teams. Itdeveloping and nurturing the individuals within that team for optimum gives participants the opportunity to explore key areas of performance The difference between management and leadershipperformance.This is week one of The Agile People and Project Manager Toolkit.management, succession planning and organisational development. Talent management and succession planning COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:This programme is accredited by The Institute of Leadership DURATION FEEDATEVENUE Understand your own management style and the impact & Management. This conrms that it has been independently veried Understand your own preferred style of management and the 05 days2,49528 March - 01 April 2022 Londonit has on your teamand meets the evidence-based standards of The Institutes 5 impact it has on your team Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Be a change agent: recognise and manage the impact of 15 - 19 August 2022Washington D.C. Learn coaching skills and styles to develop high-performing,change on you and your team motivated teamsOwnership and Collaboration. On completion of the programme, Use powerful communication strategies and skills to empower Undertake appraisals, set targets and give instructive and delegates will receive Studying Membership of The Institute of and support personal developmentconstructive feedbackLeadership & Management and access to its award-winning e-learning Manage your team to achieve enhanced performance and Build your team: talent management and succession planningtool, MyLeadership.timely resultsBe a change agent: understand and manage the impact of DURATION FEEDATE VENUE Deal swiftly with performance situations and behaviours change on you and your team 10 days 4,250 14 - 25 March 2022 London03 - 14 October 2022London24e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 25'