b"CUSTOMISED TRAINING FOR THE BANKING ANDSOME OF OUR RECENT CUSTOMISED PROGRAMMES FOR PRIVATE SECTOR BANKING CLIENTS HAVE INCLUDED: FINANCIAL SERVICES SECTORBERHAN BANK, ETHIOPIAIn September 2020, we ran a face-to-face training course for delegates from Berhan Over the last 60 years we have delivered customised training programmes forBank S.C., Ethiopia, who joined us in Dubai. The training focussed on key issues in 21st commercial, central and public banks across many countries, and can tailor any contentcentury banking to support participants to develop a strategy to address the challenges to the unique context in which our clients work. facing small private banks. Crown Agents expert trainers presented up-to-date insightsOur experience of training large groups of staff from multiple countries makes us uniquely placed to advise the banking and nancial sector onfrom the global banking sector, including a look at regulatory trends, the evolution of strategic management and leadership. Having trained hundreds of delegates from middle management right up to the Board of Directors, we are very experienced in training all levels within a nancial services organisation. banking business models from a Net Interest Margin paradigm and the strategic implications of innovations in banking. SOME OF OUR RECENT CUSTOMISED PROGRAMMES FOR CENTRAL AND MULTILATERAL BANKS HAVE INCLUDED: This was our rst face-to-face course following the outbreak of the THE CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (CDB) COVID-19 pandemic. The delegates were happy to be able to resume in-person training, and to their delight we were even able to safely include both technical and cultural sightseeing visits as part of the course.In October 2020, CDB asked Crown Agents toThe course was designed and delivered by Crown Agents' in-house deliver two large-scale online trainingspecialist, one of only 50 accredited lncoterms trainers worldwide. Under the unfortunate circumstances As a member of the ICC (UK) lncoterm 2020 Review Committee, his extensive experience and knowledge of the terms was invaluable towhere the COVID-19 pandemic prevented mostsessions to increase understanding andparticipants. face-to-face encounters, the training was well application of the Incoterms Rulesorganised.Overall, with the necessary amongst its members. As a result of the precautionary measures in place coupled withThe training supports the Banks continuedtraining, over 125 people from across theefforts to expand the use of establishedcreativity in facilitation, it is possible to Caribbean are now better informed aboutinternational trading standards to furtherorganise a face-to-face training course during the roles and responsibilities of the buyerregional trade and development.this pandemic.and the seller during a transaction of goods. DOUGLAS FRASER, Head of Procurement, CDB DR NARDOS BERHANU, Vice Chairperson, Berhan Bank S.C., EthiopiaOUR TRAINING FRAMEWORK WITH THEABAY BANK, ETHIOPIACOMMERCIAL BANK OF ETHIOPIA (CBE) In April 2021, Abay Bank contracted Crowncould overcome these. Delegates explored the current and future landscape in banking and nancial services in Ethiopia, and Agents to deliver a signicantlyinternationally, and assessed the impact of these developments on Crown Agents has been privileged to Bank lending, deposit and payment productsthe Banks strategy.Project nancecontextualised training course for 10support CBE and the National Bank of Mobile Money and FinTechmembers of the Board of Directors in DubaiThis training was so successful that in August the Bank requested aAgency banking Ethiopia (NBE) since 2014, with training Micronanceto build their skills in strategicfurther 26 members of the Senior Management team also attend.delivered throughout the year on a range of SME bankingAsset-Liability Managementmanagement, change management and subjects. We train staff from private and Interest-Free (Islamic) Bankingleadership. Well organised; full of knowledgepublic banks across the country and coverThe learning materials and objectives for each course are specicallyand experience. Through highly practical methods and engaging discussions the a mix of technical and managementtailored for the context within which the banks operate. Our frameworktraining supported the banks strategic management aims through anTADDESE ASSEFA TIRUNEH, Board Member, Abay Bank, Ethiopiaagreement involves both local in-country training as well as requirements, including:international courses, with many Board Members and Senior Executiveexploration of the issues facing the organisation and how the Board teams coming in the UK for training since 2019."