b'THE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 20%EVALUATION AND IMPACT ASSESSMENT OFF(DPRO) TOOLKIT JAN-MAROF POLICIES AND PROJECTSCOURSESThis 20-day programme combines:KEY TOPICSThe ability to evaluate which project or policy will have the mostKEY TOPICSPhases of a programme and project life cycleimpact and yield the best results for the greatest number of people is Why measuring impact and outcomes is so important Project Management of Development Projects10 days Project design, initiation and planningtruly valuable when time and resources are inevitably under pressure.The difference between impact assessment and impact(Project DPro Foundation Certicate)Project governance and organisation evaluation and when these should be applied in the policy Programme Management of Development Programmes 10 days Logframe tool and theories of changeThis ve-day programme will help policy makers, project managers process (Program DPro Foundation Certicate) Complex stakeholder managementand public service practitioners understand how to assess the likelyUsing systematic reviews of evidence to assess impact This course gives delegates the opportunity to complete the Project Project implementation, project control and project triangleimpacts of potential policies and projects at the planning stage, and How to establish a counter-factual to understand the possibleDPro and Program DPro Foundation certications. These Risk and issue managementthen evaluate whether the expected impacts and outcomes of these outcome of implementing an alternative policy internationally recognised certications are designed for Monitoring, reporting and evaluation initiatives have been achieved. Key qualitative methodologies professionals with experience of working in a project or programme-Projects, Programmes and Portfolio ManagementThe principles of cost benet analysis based environment and have been specically developed for the Programme phases and principles It will cover the core principles of impact evaluation and assessment Taking best practice examples of impact evaluations andinternational development sector. Programme identication and designand equip participants with the skills to make more informed assessments from around the worldProgramme planning, implementation and closuredecisions and evaluations. This programme will benet participants In the rst two weeks, delegates will gain a comprehensive grounding Theory of Change from public and private sector organisations, NGOs, local governmentThis is week two of The Policy Toolkit: Evidence, Evaluation andThe Programme Manager: Skills and Competencies in project management concepts, processes and practice. Thedepartments and agencies.Impact Assessment on page 97.planning and management of projects that are high quality, on timeABOUT THE PROJECT DPRO AND PROGRAM DPRO CERTIFICATIONS: and on budget will be a key focus. Project DPro and Program DPro are internationally recognisedCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:DURATION FEE DATE VENUEcertications developed by PM4NGOs. Award of the Project DPro Improve the planning, procurement and management of impact 05 days2,49520 - 24 June 2022London During the nal two weeks, delegates will build on this knowledge to evaluations and assessments learn about managing programmes, which are more complex andFoundation and Program DPro Foundation certications will require24 - 28 October 2022 Miamiusually involve the management of multiple projects. passing online multiple-choice examinations. After passing the Use the methods of impact evaluation to identify the mostcertication exams participants will be able to display the Project DPro effective, efficient and value-for-money policy initiatives The course includes integrated preparation for the optional ProjectFoundation and Program DPro Foundation digital badges. Improve the accountability of policy-making and public servicesDPro Foundation certication exam which may be taken at the end of in your locality, region or country week two, and the Program DPro Foundation certication exam whichDURATIONFEEDATE VENUEmay be taken at the end of week four. 20 days 7,25014 March- 08 April 2022London 19 September - 14 October 2022 Washington D.C.PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OF20%RESULTS-BASED MONITORING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES OFFJAN-MARAND EVALUATION(Program DPro Foundation Certicate) COURSESThis two-week course is aligned with the internationally recognised Address the challenge of coordination, creating synergies Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) provides a framework for effective Design monitoring systems incorporating routine and ad-hocProgram DPro Certicate.between projects and maximizing the impact of programmesmeasurement of results for both private and public sector entities.data collection and reporting techniquesDevelop innovative solutions that allow country and regionalSet objectives and design performance indicators and applyProgram DPro is the progression from the Project DPro certication teams to be responsiveThese frameworks provide a new set of tools, complementary to M&E techniques to the measurement of outcomes and is designed for professionals with experience of working in atraditional results measurement systems, that offer governments and Design and implement a computerised M&E databaseproject or programme-based environment who would like to developKEY TOPICSorganisations new methods for ensuring the achievement of their information system their skills further through an exploration of best practices and tools Managing complexity strategic, policy and project goals.Create and deliver outcome focused data-based reports thatcontextualized to the international development sector. Projects, Programmes and Portfolio Managementprovide value-for-money solutions It moves on from the grounding in project management concepts and Programme phases and principles Results-Based M&E (RBM&E) enables the public sector to focus its processes covered in Project DPro and provides public sector officials Disciplines of programme management efforts on monitoring performance rather than just spending, and onKEY TOPICS and other development professionals with advice, tools and guidance Programme identication, design, planning and implementation evaluating long term results rather than short term outputs. From traditional nancial reporting towards results-basedto assist them to more effectively full their role, whether that be at Programme closure performance management the local, regional or international level. It will enable delegates to Theory of Change For the private sector, an RBM&E system allows management to make RBM&E methods and performance indicators offer leadership to project managers and their teams, and to align The Programme Manager: Skills and Competenciesefficient ongoing assessments about progress towards attainment of Building a national M&E system or organisational M&E unit projects with the goals and overarching strategy of their organisation. the goals and objectives of their organisation and their stakeholders. M&E for improvements in value for money ABOUT THE PROGRAM DPRO FOUNDATION CERTIFICATION: On this comprehensive and hands-on course, delegates will work Computerised M&E and database management systems through real-life project scenarios and hear from experiencedProgram DPro is an internationally recognised certicationThis course will equip participants with the knowledge to understand Logic Models; baselines; data sources; designing performancedevelopment professionals. The course includes integrated preparationprogramme, developed by PM4NGOs. Program DPro is platform- where and how M&E ts within the organisational or national indicators for the optional Program DPro Foundation Certicate exam which mayindependent and tailored to the complexities, challenges andframework, and the strategies required for its successful design, build Evaluation, Impact Assessments, reporting and makingbe taken at the end of week two. It is strongly recommended thatobjectives that are common to development projects. Award of theand integration. recommendationsdelegates sitting for Program DPro Foundation certication examProgram DPro Foundation Certication will require passing an online complete the Project DPro Foundation certication rst. multiple-choice examination. After passing the certication examCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: participants will be able to display the Program DPro Foundation Understand the essentials of M&E, how to design and DURATION FEE DATE VENUECOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:digital badge.implement an M&E system and the factors involved in setting Perform as a fully-edged programme manager, able to offerup an M&E unit10 days 4,19520 June - 01 July 2022Londonleadership to project managers and their teamsDURATION FEE DATEVENUEKnow where and how M&E ts within the organisational or 31 October - 11 November 2022 London Align projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an 10 days 4,45028 March - 08 April 2022London national framework and strategies for successful integrationorganisation Set up a database to collect, analyse, interpret and report on Deliver high quality public sector, humanitarian, development 03 - 14 October 2022 Washington D.C.performanceand environmental programmes 86e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 87'