b'ABOUT THE PORTFOLIOINDICATIVE STUDY VISIT Our policy-making and legislative training courses are ideal for all those responsible for the design, planning, communication, implementation or evaluation of policies, and for the legislative drafters and legal counsel who are tasked with turning these policies into good quality legislation. Focused on judicial case management and legal ethics, our courses for judges and court officials deliver expert training on the vital mainstays of any respected and trusted judicial system.HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, UK FEATURED TRAINERS The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the two UK Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. As part of a tour led by expert staff, delegates enjoy enviable access to parliamentary debates and Select Committee hearings during their visit, experiencing politics in action in the beating heart of the UK Government.THE POLICY TOOLKIT: EVIDENCE, EVALUATION AND IMPACT ASSESSMENT This 10-day programme combines:COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Understand the principles of good policy making Developing Effective Policies: an Evidence-Based Approach05 days Make use of different types of evidence and evaluation to createEvaluation and Impact Assessment of Policies and Projects05 days successful policies, projects or programmes (see the course outline on p.79) Analyse policy for the purposes of drafting legislation DR. PHILIP DAVIESNEELAM SARKARIA Work more effectively with policy-making or drafting colleagues Policy makers worldwide face pressure to deliver public services with Improve your use of appropriate legislative expression Philip is a leading gure in theNeelam has over 25 years experience ina high degree of impact and quality, often within a limited budget, Communicate policy ideas more effectively calling for decisions to be made based on effectiveness and value for development of evidence-based policya variety of roles, including as a Tribunalmoney. On completing this combined programme, you will be betterKEY TOPICS equipped to oversee all aspects of the policy-making process from in the UK and has lectured Judge First Tier and an independentthe development stage through to legislation. Applying critical appraisal of research evidence to formulate sound policy and consulted widely on this topiccriminal justice consultant. Understanding the processes involved in analysing policy from aIn week one, delegates will focus on how evidence and analysis can throughout the world. inform decision making across the policy cycle. They will assess drafters perspective She holds an Honorary Lectureship in English Law at Aberdeendifferent types and sources of evidence as well as exploring the Communicating and selling policy ideas to key decision makersPhilip is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford, London andUniversity, Associate Fellowship at St Marys University and haspotential barriers to nding and using the best available evidence, and California and was a faculty member of Oxford University for muchdeveloped and delivered training for police, prosecutors, health,how these can be overcome.DURATION FEEDATE VENUEof his career. He has also been a senior civil servant in the UKeducation and social care professionals on gender-based violence10 days 4,195 13 - 24 June 2022 London Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, responsible for policy evaluationin the UK and internationally. Neelam has extensive experience ofWeek two looks at the different methods of evaluation and impact and analysis. Philip has worked with many governments andworking within and across Whitehall departments and the Crownassessment commonly used to establish the likely impacts and17 - 28 October 2022Miamiinternational agencies to develop evidence-based policy andProsecution Service, holding a range of operational and strategicoutcomes of a policy. This programme covers methods of monitoring service delivery. roles.policies and projects in both the long and short-term to assess if thedesired outputs and outcomes are being achieved.Neelam is a former Chair and now a Vice-President of the Association of Women Barristers and holds several key advisoryDelegates on this highly interactive programme will also have the positions on charities and parliamentary committees. opportunity to visit a UK government department or agency to witness best practice in action.104e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 105'