b'THE CROWN AGENTS GUARANTEE OF QUALITY TRAININGDELIVERED REMOTELYSOME OF OUR RECENT IN-PERSON CUSTOMISED DELIVERIES HAVE INCLUDED:Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 we had to rapidly pivot as face-to-face training became an impossibility due to travel restrictions and tough lockdowns imposed around the world. We rose to this challenge by quickly BANKING STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT TRAINING FOR BERHAN BANK S.C.developing remote training and coaching capabilities so that we could reach our valued clients online during the crisis.This was our rst face-to-face course following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating safety measures such as the use of PPE, paperless teaching, social distancing measures and strict hygiene protocols in the training room and venue, weWhile we know that our clients greatly value the face-to-face training in which we specialise, we are proud of how we have been were able to demonstrate that face-to-face training can be delivered safely and effectively with the right precautions in place.able to adjust our training offering to deliver customised courses remotely at the same high standard and in-depth quality. We (see page 71).have a digital training specialist in our team, who uses their in-depth understanding of how to deliver successful remote learning to create an excellent delegate experience.STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS TRAINING FOR ABAY BANK Our customised remote courses can be delivered using a variety of training methods to suit your specic needs and requirements: Through highly practical methods and engaging discussions this course built delegates skills in strategic management, change management and leadership. The training supported the banks strategic management aims through an exploration of the issuesREGULAR FORMAT TRAINING facing the organisation and how the Board could overcome these. (see page 71).Crown Agents can deliver customised remote training courses that closely follow the schedule of our face-to-face courses, replicating all of the standard face-to-face course content and timetable in a digital format that ensures BUILDING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CAPACITY FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFinteractivity and high levels of engagement. ZEMEN BANK ENRICHED VIRTUAL MODEL With content tailored to the nancial services context in which the bank operates, Crown Agents delivered practical customisedOur enriched courses combine elements of both online and offline training. During these programmes, extensive use is training to nine Board Members from Zemen Bank on Corporate Governance, Risk and Internal Control and Corporate Performancemade of online discussion-based activities that build upon offline activities and focus on key challenges and issues in Dubai. (see p.43)that participants are facing in their workplace. Were proud to include further case studies throughout this directory showcasing our recent customised projects worldwide.TRAINING FOR LARGER GROUPS Virtual deliveries mean there are few limits to how many participants we can train at once on customised OUR DELEGATES ENJOYING A SAFEprogrammes. To enhance the learning experience, the training can be enriched with the inclusion of polls, contextualised Q&A features and quizzes to keep delegates engaged.EXPERIENCE BOTH IN THE CLASSROOM FLEXIBLE TRAINING SCHEDULES Our online courses can be delivered with exible durations and schedules. They can be taken as full-time training or AND ON CULTURAL VISITS spread over several weeks to allow staff to do their work around the course, with sessions in evenings and weekends so as not to disrupt working patterns.USING BLENDED LEARNING APPROACHESThis year we have introduced elements of blended learning into some of our training courses, combining access to online educational materials and opportunities for digital interaction with traditional classroom-based training methods. These programmes may include blended aspects such as online pre and post-course activities, self-paced e-learning or other developmental methods such as remote coaching or mentoring alongside the face-to-face training. This provides delegates with the opportunity for further study and accommodates various learning speeds to ensure full engagement throughout the programme. SOME OF OUR REMOTE CUSTOMISED DELIVERIES HAVE INCLUDED:EVALUATION OF POLICY AND PROGRAMMES TRAINING FOR UNICEF MOZAMBIQUEAND PARTNERSTo ensure the online training on this course was effective, and to help facilitate the group sessions, a complementary participant group work document was created with the tools, techniques and templates required to facilitate discussion. (see page 109).EXPLORING GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE AND INNOVATION WITH THE DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE, BARBADOSCrown Agents exible training approach on this programme meant that delegates could easily t their work commitments around the ve, half-day sessions. A mixture of interactive activities, Q&A sessions and discussions enabled full engagement with the virtual sessions. (see page 101).STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS TRAINING FOR THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIAThis digital course was constructed using elements of a ipped classroom methodology, with learning delivered through a combination of live online sessions and self-study using online workbook materials. (see page 29).'