b'PREMIUM PROGRAMMECORPORATE GOVERNANCE FOR BOARDS 20%GOVERNANCE, RISK AND COMPLIANCE OFFAND SENIOR EXECUTIVES JAN-MARMANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATED ASSURANCECOURSESAll entities, whether commercial, government or non-prot, face anCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: increasingly demanding landscape of environmental, social and Understand the integrated concepts of: governance; riskgovernance related risks that can impact their protability, success management; information; compliance and performance;and even survival. However, these often remain poorly managed and control and assurance and the standards expected for each,boards/senior executives are not well served with the information and including structural, procedural and behavioural componentsassurances they need to discharge their governance oversight Appreciate how to establish, lead and manage the specialistresponsibilities. functions to meet current global standards Evaluate your functions performance and compliance, andGood governance supports effective decision making within a clearly provide information and assurance as required in thedened accountability framework, with robust risk management, accountability framework compliance, HR, information systems, and professional integrated Engage effectively with your stakeholders audit and assurance arrangements. The corporate governance framework provides an efficient and effective good practiceKEY TOPICS framework, embracing compliance and performance excellence Current and emerging concepts of corporate governance towards the success and sustainability of organisations. Enterprise risk management and leading the risk functionLeading a compliance function This practical course will equip executives, senior managers and Effective internal audit and integrated assurance functional heads with a specialist role in internal audit, risk Corporate Governance requirements of HR management, compliance and control, HR, quality and excellence, Information management and effective reporting information management or security to establish, lead and manage Stakeholder engagement specialist functions that meet current good practice expectations. Globally, the rst quarter of the 21st century is the era of governance, and theIncludes complementary professional subscription with The Chartered It will also provide essential and practical insights for board pursuit of good governance is very high on international, national and organisationalsecretaries and secretariat heads as well as those engaged inGovernance Institute UK & Ireland.agendas. Global governance codes of good practice continue to be rened andorganisational change programmes. DURATION FEE DATE VENUEimproved to meet the current and future challenges from an ever more complex and10 days 4,195 09 - 20 May 2022London risky world. 14 - 25 November 2022 LondonThe purpose of governance is to help build trust, transparency and Identify the structural, behavioural and procedural requirementsaccountability within a conducive corporate culture which proactively of good governance with relevant roles, responsibilities andmanages risks, fosters high performance and optimally achieves accountabilities within a conducive culture based on values corporate compliance and control to enhance organisational and Appreciate the importance of risk governance and how to RISK BASED INTERNAL AUDITINGstakeholder value. achieve itDesign the Boards informational and assurance needs toCorporate governance places expectations, responsibilities and discharge its oversight effectively while ensuring appropriateaccountabilities upon Boards Members and Senior Executives charged stakeholder engagement with running organisations to strive for a higher standard of consistentIn this era of governance and regulation, the importance of a world-Understand the concepts of governance, risk management andgovernance excellence. Excellent corporate governance provides theKEY TOPICSclass internal audit function operating as a professional, independent control, and be able to audit them right strategic direction and control of every type of organisation. The framework, nature, importance, principles and practices of and competent third line of defence is imperative to providing Dene integrated assurance and how to develop effective plansThrough robust leadership, accountability, oversight and assurance, good corporate governanceassurances and advice over governance, risk management and for audit workgovernance goes beyond just legal and regulatory compliance and Board effectiveness including direction, decision making, internal control. These vital processes add value and help safeguard Undertake audits in a computerised and change environment duties of care and is the key enabler of achieving the very best oversight and stakeholder engagementsustainable success for the organisation and its stakeholders.Implement the principles and practices of risk-based, agile andoutcomes for all stakeholders. Structural and HR requirements and ensuring the right culture and Modern world-class internal audit is not only risk based but also analytical auditingbehaviourssystematic, forward-looking and innovative in order to meet the ever-Design and implement a quality assurance and continuousThis programme is designed for current and future executive and non-Achieving both organisational compliance and effective changing needs of the global business and risk environment. The improvement framework executive Board Members and Senior Executives. It will equip them to performancemodern internal audit function needs to full traditional audit effectively discharge their individual and collective governance roles, Effective risk governance and risk managementactivities as well as becoming far more agile to align more closely toKEY TOPICS responsibilities and accountabilities, and lead the organisation to Meeting informational and audit/assurance needs using three the organisations strategic objectives, risks, changing priorities and Global internal auditing standards success and sustainability through governance excellence. It is lines of defenceemerging issues.Governance, risk management and internal controlinvaluable and insightful for Board Members, Board Committee Three lines of defence Members and senior (C Suite) executives as they transition from beingThis is week two of The Leadership and Governance Toolkit forWith a focus on understanding the role, mandate, scope and priorities Concepts of audit and assurance a doing board into a governing board. This comprehensive toolkitBoards and Senior Executives on p.28. of internal audit systems and establishing an effective modern Approaches to and methodologies of internal audit covers the processes and oversight which drive the highest standardsinternal audit function, delegates on this programme will cover all the Establishing and leading an internal audit function of leadership, accountability and behaviour. Strong governance is aOur premium course, The Leadership and Governance Toolkit forcritical components for delivery of an excellent internal audit function Integrated assurance and mapping and planning internal audit work key enabler for Boards and organisations to make well-informed andBoards and Senior Executives, enables delegates to explore, practicein line with current international standards.Agile and value adding auditing practices, tools and techniques appropriate decisions, to implement them effectively, and to achieveand develop the principles and practices of organisational leadership Auditing in a computerised and changing environmentcritical stakeholder outcomes by acting appropriately and fairly.and corporate governance excellence in more depth. Please see p.28This practical and interactive course will equip internal audit leaders, Effective engagement, communication and reporting for more details. managers and practitioners to meet these challenges and hone their Reporting results, conclusions and opinions and providingIt will assist delegates to design and implement the structural,knowledge, expertise and practical skills in the critical areas of assurance process, behavioural, compliance, risk and performance elementsDURATION FEE DATE VENUE governance, risk and compliance management and internal control, needed within a robust accountability framework.05 days2,95014 - 18 March 2022 Dubaiincluding the appropriate Internal Audit practice and methodologies. Includes complementary professional subscription with The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland.COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:13 - 17 June 2022LondonCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Dene the nature, important components and requirements of 05 - 09 December 2022LondonIdentify the requirements of a modern third line of defence DURATION FEEDATEcorporate governance frameworks and integrate theminternal audit function that works to international standards10 days 4,195DATES ON DEMAND harmoniously with other current initiatives 38e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 39'