b"HEALTH PROCUREMENT AND 20% OFF TRADE PROCEDURES AND FINANCINGSUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT JAN-MAR COURSESEnsuring and managing a modern health supply chain has, in recent Improve and optimise monitoring and information management Trade nance is the catalyst for increased international trade and Types of movement, origin and commercial documents times, become an increasingly complex challenge, especially given systemsoverall economic growth. However, exporting is not a simple process Regulatory customs compliance and the WTO Trade Facilitationthe broad impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This course will help you Plan and implement a transparent tendering process, including and all contracts for the international sale of goods comprise four sets Agreement to get the most out of your health supply chains and relationships with bidding and evaluationof procedures: commercial, transport, regulatory and nancial. These Assessing export credit risk key suppliers. It will enhance your health procurement practices and Improve your contract and supplier management to get the best procedures are the pillars of international trading and are all Mitigating payment risk and selecting payment methodsperformance, saving both time and money, and helping you to achieve from your supply baseinterlinked; if the linkages are not robust, the contract is likely to fail in Preparing Letters of Credit better outcomes and impacts.one or more key aspects.Supply chain security KEY TOPICS After exploring enablers for successful and ethical health supply chain Enablers and strategy for successful health SCM This course will explore the connectivity required between theACCREDITATION management (SCM) and how to develop effective strategies, the Warehousing, storage, packaging, inventory and distribution principal international trade nance instruments, such asThis Incoterms content is delivered by an ICC Registered Trainer in course will examine key management issues and priorities. These managementDocumentary Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections, and thethe Incoterms 2020 Rules. include achieving efficient operations and logistics, harnessing data Cold chain logistics for medical products other elements of the export contract.and technology, ensuring compliance, monitoring and evaluating Ethical supply chainsDURATION FEEDATE VENUEperformance, and tackling risks within the supply chain, including Procurement strategy, the procurement cycle and procurement COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: corruption. operations Understand and apply the principal protocols, terms and rules 05 days2,49520 - 24 June 2022DubaiManaging the procurement of suppliers Appreciate the role of the four pillars in export contract 07 - 11 November 2022LondonCase studies drawn from health sector organisations and international Tender management performance development programmes will illustrate good practice and lessons Managing supplier relationships and supplier performance Understand the key elements of international trade facilitation learned. Contract and category management Analyse the challenges of supply chain security and the Monitoring and evaluating health procurement associated riskCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Technology: health SCM systems integration, innovation andOutline recent changes to international trade laws and Dene the health supply chain, its component parts ande-Procurement procedures stakeholder relationships Managing risk and tackling corruptionCreate a successful health supply chain and procurement strategy Regulatory requirements, auditing and quality systemsOutline the procurement and supply chain cycle for health KEY TOPICSproducts and services, including key risks, challenges and Delegates receive one year's affiliate membership of CIPS. The Incoterms 2020 Rules and how these are used to give opportunitiesDURATION FEEDATE VENUEcertainty to the contractAnalyse and manage risks and opportunities within the healthConstructing a contract for the international sale of goodssupply chain 10 days 4,195 07 - 18 February 2022 London Shipment modes and distribution solutions 24 October - 04 November 2022 LondonArranging cargo insurance and making a claim CASE STUDY PUBLIC PROCUREMENT: 20% OFFThe course was designed with a high degree of practical content andISSUES AND SOLUTIONS JAN-MAR PHARMACEUTICALtraining delivery methods were highly interactive, including plenaryCOURSESpresentations, group discussions, learning exercises and relevant SUPPLY CHAIN TRAININGcase studies.The strategic importance of transparent and accountable Use public procurement as a tool to achieve your sustainable ON COMPLETION OF THE TRAINING, DELEGATES WERE ABLE TO: procurement in the cost-efficient delivery of quality goods, works and development goals FOR SUSTAINABLE Dene the supply chain, its component parts and stakeholder services, and as a vital weapon in the battle against corruption, is now Design and condently use tools for monitoring procurement relationshipsrecognised by governments worldwide. Increasingly, public performance organisations are also adopting sustainable public procurement Respond to audit ndings and handle complaints effectivelyHEALTH INTERNATIONAL Create a successful supply chain strategytechniques to help them reach their sustainable development goals. Apply current supply chain management best practices in their KEY TOPICSorganisation (SHI), NIGERIAAnalyse and manage risks within the supply chainIt has never been more important for senior procurement specialists Assessing the procurement landscapecritical and emerging Motivate and build the capacity of supply chain staffto ensure their skills are in line with international best-practice issues driving performance, innovation and reformImplement monitoring systems to ensure goals are achievedprinciples and thinking. Fighting corruption and embedding ethical procurement Pharmaceutical cold chain is a major part of the supply chain in the Improve data management and optimisation Assessing procurement systems and the benets/challenges ofhealthcare industry, and cold chain logistics services help theThis course develops the contemporary strategic solutions, skills and e-Procurement pharmaceutical and healthcare industries maintain a continualTHE IMPACTtechniques required to implement the most up-to-date procurement Planning and implementing sustainable approaches to publicsupply of drugs from suppliers and distributors in varied, oftenThe delegates were highly engaged throughout the training.Our post- policies and practice. It drills down into the key areas of risk procurement global, locations. course evaluations recorded that:management, corruption and ethics, sustainable public procurement Developing emergency procurement strategies and frameworkand the monitoring and evaluation of procurement performance, contracts THE PROJECT100%OF DELEGATES addressing all of the key challenges which procurement functions will Assessing and addressing key issues in procurement regulationIn February 2019, Crown Agents delivered a ve-day course tailored toface.and oversightthe needs of management staff from SHI Nigeria to enhance Planning for effective reform and change management COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Managing and measuring risk, KPIs, benchmarking and impactdelegates understanding of the key principles of pharmaceutical said the overall course learning objectives were met M&E of procurement performance and reporting supply chain management. stated that their personal learning objectives were also met Promote the vital strategic importance of the procurement function Understanding procurement audit and complaint handling The comprehensive step-by-step programme provided participants believed that what they have learnt will have a positive impact onDevise realistic procurement strategies that address key currentBuilding team capacity and professionalism with the tools and techniques to develop effective pharmaceutical their workplace performance issues supply chains, with a focus on specic cold chain requirements. Revise procurement frameworks and enhance eProcurement DURATION FEE DATE VENUEDelegates were equipped with the skills to analyse and manage risksFEEDBACK FROM DELEGATES INCLUDED:systems to address modern day risks, minimise corruption and10 days 4,45028 March - 08 April 2022Washington D.C. within the supply chain, implement effective monitoring systems,encourage greater integrity14 - 25 November 2022Londonapply best practice approaches to their organisation and create aThe training has been productive, successful supply chain strategy.interesting and very useful.w: crownagents.com/training 95"