b'CASE STUDYPUBLIC DEBT MANAGEMENT:20% OFF REMOTE TRAINING IN INTERNATIONAL TAX AND ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS JAN-MAR COURSES TRANSFER PRICING AND BORDER MANAGEMENT As the global economy comes to terms with the impact of the global Create a sound debt management strategy based on a portfolio FOR THE GHANA REVENUE AUTHORITYnancial crash, the threat of a new debt crisis has taken centre stage. review and a good understanding of the objectives for debtThis is compounded by the fact that borrowing has rapidly increased management as countries seek to boost investment in infrastructure to support Appreciate the impact on public debt management oftheir objectives under the SDGs.emerging lenders and lending arrangementsIn 2020, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) contracted Crown Agents to deliver two highly contextualised online training courses on International Tax and Transfer Pricing New borrowing sources include Eurobonds and emerging creditorsKEY TOPICS such as China. Analysts have warned that global debt has reached anand Border Management. These interactive programmes were based on our scheduled all time high as more countries than ever are in danger of slipping Fundamental debt concepts and techniques into a major debt crisis. Governments need to address these Global nancial ows and different nancing options course offering, however due to the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic challenges in order to manage costs and risks within a sound macro Debt management, monetary and scal policy linkagesLegal and institutional arrangements this scheduled booking was customised as a virtual delivery specically for the GRA, and scal framework. Debt strategy formulation with content tailored to the organisations unique business context and requirements. This course will take participants through the fundamental principles Guarantees and continent liabilities of public debt management, taking current developments into Internal and external auditParticipants on the two courses were drawn from the GRA Customs Division, includingAnalysing and reporting on the debt portfolioaccount, and will equip them with the latest tools and techniques to Risk managementsenior managers and policy makers. manage their debt portfolios effectively.Debt and cash managementNew challenges in bond issuance COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Public-Private PartnershipsUnderstand the scope of public debt management and itsEmerging lenderslinkages with scal and monetary policyUnderstand debt concepts and the role of domestic nancial DURATION FEE DATE VENUE marketsAnalyse the strengths and weaknesses of debt management 10 days 4,195 14 - 25 March 2022Dubaioperations in your country05 - 16 September 2022 London Apply concepts of cost and risk to your public debt portfolio to manage both in line with your countrys debt management objectives 20% FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT OFF NEWJAN-MAR COURSESIncreasingly, organisations across the world are entering intoCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: partnerships and commercial arrangements with other entities such Undertake analysis of an organisations accounts as clients, strategic partners or suppliers. It is critically important that Identify information that will inform on the nancial strength of anthe nancial strength of this partner is understood in order to organisation accurately assess and manage the risk to your organisation.Understand the risks presented by projects or services and how to mitigate them Partner failure is often a major hazard identied in project risk analysis Summarise the nancial assessment and present it in contextTHE PROJECTonline training sessions were spread across several days (including and can result in nancial strain and even late payment for projects,In November, Crown Agents delivered the rst of the two courses, onweekends) to t around the delegates busy work schedules, and as in the case of the widely reported collapse of Carillion, a large UKKEY TOPICSInternational Tax and Transfer Pricing. This ten-day digital programmeextensive use was made of online discussion-based activities that outsourcing company. Financial analysis is therefore a key skill inexplored international corporate taxation and equipped participantsfocused on key challenges and issues they were facing in theirThe objectives of nancial analysiswith an understanding of the complexities of international tax andworkplace.assessing and understanding how some risks can be mitigated.Sources of information for analysishow to adopt best practice approaches to transfer pricing. Analysing accountscalculating and understanding the key THE IMPACT This course will equip you with the skills to undertake an analysis of nancial metricsIt focused on the relationship of corporate taxation to investment,The participants were highly engaged throughout both training other organisations to inform decisions as to whether to enter a Using and understanding the limitations of other sources ofwith a particular emphasis on the role of international tax treaties. programmes. partnership arrangement. It will also explore how to understand the information, including company statements, credit agencies anddeveloping nancial health of the organisations you are already mediaParticipants then moved on to study Border Management, where theyFEEDBACK INCLUDED:partnering by analysing the ratios derived from published accounts Securing further information from the target organisationdeveloped an understanding of the key tools needed to deliver a and examining trends and relationships between different sets of Risk mitigation actions and strategiesDubaiworld-class border management programme.gures published in core statements and external sources ofIt was great, very educative andinformation. DURATION FEE DATE VENUE Working with our expert trainer, delegates learnt how to applyinteresting, and I acquired knowledge to 10 days 4,195 28 March - 08 April 2022 effective, legal and appropriate methods of increasing revenue andHighly practical and interactive, this programme will focus on actionequip me on the job. planning and case study analysis as a method to put your learningshow to build enhanced, accurate intelligence to support revenue 14 - 25 November 2022 London raising and crime reduction. The course also focused on developing into action back in the workplace.and using threat assessments as a way of detecting and disrupting It was practical and interactiveserious crime, and to prevent terrorism. the remote training sessions were exible 60e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 Due to the challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, bothwith up-to-date materials and concepts. programmes were delivered remotely over the Zoom platform. The'