b'OUR CAPACITY BUILDING SERVICES CUSTOMISED TRAINING PROGRAMMES Through our innovative training and professional development programmes, we harness an individuals potential to accelerate positive change in their organisation and play a greater role inAlongside our comprehensive portfolio of scheduled courses, we work with organisations to develop customised training their nations progress.programmes on a range of bespoke topics to meet their specic capacity-building needs.When delivering customised training programmes, we communicate closely with our clients to establish a detailed knowledge of For over 60 years we have worked with governments, private and public sector organisations and NGOs to help them nd lastingtheir unique issues and what they want to achieve. We then design tailored solutions that can be delivered whenever and wherever solutions to the challenges they face. Since 1960, weve built the capacity of nearly 60,000 professionals in over 100 countries whosuits their requirements. have returned to their governments or organisations better equipped and inspired to drive and lead change.Our customised training programmes can either be adapted from a scheduled programme to t any specic business or cultural Using the expertise of our in-house consultants and global network of associates, Crown Agents designs highly relevant andcontext, or created from scratch to match your organisations exact needs.impactful training programmes, whether they are open scheduled courses or developed specically for our clients.At this challenging time, we want to assure you that we will continue to be at your side as your trusted training provider, as weWe have trained over4,000 We have delivered17,000 In partnership with370 72,000 Our capacity have been since 1960. 4,000 National Bankdigital crisisthe Central Bank ofbuilding programme of Ethiopia andmanagement trainingNigeria (CBN) we havewith the OPEN SCHEDULED COURSESCommercial Bank ofto over 17,000equipped over 370Government of Ethiopia staff inEuropean smallbank staff withRwanda has now Our comprehensive portfolio of 79 courses in 2022, offers a wide choice of dates and locations and is structured to deliver a clearmanagement andbusinesses throughimproved leadershipbeen rolled out to step-by-step development pathway as you progress through your career. Always highly interactive and engaging, our training istechnical nancialour online trainingcapabilitiestrain over 72,000 dedicated to delivering practical skills that can be swiftly implemented and built upon to deliver real and lasting results. Toservices platformfarmersenhance the impact of our training, we use a wide range of innovative techniques and methodologies that bring the learning alive; these include group exercises, visits to peer organisations and personal coaching.DATES ON DEMAND Delivering customised programmes at a time and in a location that suits you often results in signicant savings on travel and Some of our courses have not been scheduled for any set dates in 2022 but can be delivered on request. Youll seeaccommodation and is a cost-effective way to train groups of staff. these programmes appearing throughout the Directory accompanied by the calendar symbol. If you would like to book, please contact us and a representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements. We also know that our clients need to t training into their busy working schedules, so our customised programmes can be delivered with exible durations and timetables. Our training can be delivered full-time or spread over a number of weeks to allow staff to do their work around the programme (when delivered remotely).79 COURSES 164 TRAINING 08 LOCATIONS Our clients customised programmes are often sponsored by major international donors and institutions, such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, United Nations, USAID and GIZ.DATESLeadership, Management and Development During the pandemic we knew we had to adapt our customised training offer to meet the needs of our valued clients and delegates. Therefore we have incorporated strict safety precautions and Communications Governancehygiene measures into our face-to-face programmes. As one of the only training providers to still and Strategy deliver in-person courses in 2020 and 2021 we are very condent with the measures we have in place and have been delighted to run a number of both scheduled and customised programmes for our clients since the start of the pandemic. Government, Policy and JusticeHumanResourcesProcurement, Supply Chain and Trade FinancialManagement Cost effectiveAny of ourWe have runWeve so far Projecttrainingscheduled coursescustomised trainingdelivered ManagementBanking,Financial Servicesfor yourcan be tailoredin over32 customised and Evaluation and Pensions organisation to your30 countries courses during Environmental, Socialspecic needsthe pandemic and Governance (ESG)6e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 7'