b'CASE STUDYDIRECTING AND MANAGINGBUILDING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CAPACITY ORGANISATIONAL STRATEGY FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ZEMEN BANKClear strategic direction in an organisation ensures the effectiveDevelop performance management processes that ensure In June 2021, Zemen Bank, Ethiopia, contracted Crown Agents to deliver a training management of nancial and staff resources and the successfulalignment of objectives at all levels delivery of operations and projects.Ensure a process for initiating, managing and controlling programme on Corporate Governance, Risk and Internal Control and Corporatechange projectsPerformance in Dubai for members of the organisations newly formed Board of This programme focuses on enabling senior staff to develop both realistic and achievable strategic plans for their organisations, and KEY TOPICSDirectors. This practical and interactive programme aimed to support the Board to the control mechanisms to ensure delivery. Organisational analysis: understanding your organisationseffectively discharge their individual and collective governance roles, responsibilitiespriorities and approach to strategic management Through the use of case studies, visits, guest speakers andArticulating a strategic vision that is meaningful and and accountabilities, and lead the organisation to success and sustainability through assignments, it will provide practical frameworks that can be put to inspirational work straight away on return to the office. Analysing the key trends, threats and driversenhanced governance, risk management and internal control practice, and the effectiveDetermining strategic objectives, allocation of resource andDelegates will be asked to identify a live problem which they will workplanning and monitoring of corporate performance.budget, and measurement of success on through the week, presenting and discussing action plans, sharing Aligning department, team and individual performance to experiences and evaluating best practice.strategic objectivesInformation systems for control of activities and decisionThis course is ideal for directors and senior managers who aremaking actively involved in strategic development and management. Management of organisational change projectsCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:This is week three of The Strategy Toolkit. Communicate a clear vision and mission for the organisationEstablish an understanding of the global, regional and local DURATION FEE DATE VENUE trends and risks that could affect the organisations success05 days2,49511 - 15 July 2022LondonCarry out a comprehensive analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats12 - 16 December 2022 Dubai Establish strategic objectives aligned to the vision and mission, using a range of strategic and objective-setting tools such as the balanced scorecardBOARD EFFECTIVENESS ANDBEST PRACTICE PERFORMANCE NEWGood governance lays the foundation for setting the right purpose and Understand the nature and importance of governance and howdirection for an organisation and the fullment of that purpose in an boards can work with the executive and management teams toethical, productive and responsible way. An effective board strikes the identify and achieve good governance standardsright balance between its compliance and performance obligations so Appreciate how to achieve a balance between compliance andas to generate value for the organisation and its stakeholders through performance obligationsTHE PROJECT social distancing measures in the training room and venue, we governance excellence.Understand risk governance and risk culture created a safe environment for this programme to take place duringDene good board performance practices, both individual and With content tailored to the nancial services context in which the Due to rapidly changing global priorities, stakeholder demands and a collective, that are necessary to deliver the purpose and desired bank operates, Crown Agents delivered practical customised trainingthe pandemic. In addition, to the delight of the delegates we were volatile risk and opportunities landscape, boards of all types from all outcomes of the organisationover the course of ve days to the nine Board Members.even able to include a cultural visit to enhance their learning sectors need to step up to optimise their performance to effectively Understand board composition and succession best practiceexperience.deliver the desired ESG (environmental, social and governance) results Appreciate the various ways of assessing effectiveness and Our expert trainers covered a number of procedures and processes for that will drive ethical and sustainable success.performance achieving the highest standards of leadership, accountability andTHE IMPACTBe able to develop an action plan to improve your organisations behaviour. Training delivery methods were highly interactive and theAs a result of the training, the Board Members developed better social It is important that boards establish a meaningful suite of metrics and board effectiveness course was designed with a large degree of practical content,cohesion, and understood how to make well-informed and appropriate the means of assessing their own performance (both collectively andincluding group discussions, learning exercises, scenario role-playingdecisions, to implement them effectively, and achieve critical individually) to be able to drive through timely improvements forKEY TOPICSand case studies. A central focus was on delegate action planning asstakeholder outcomes by acting appropriately and fairly.organisational development. Only if the board is truly effective and The nature, purpose, principles and practices of ESG a process to translate classroom learning into skills in the workplace.responsibilities for the advancement and performance of the whole Organisational purpose, culture compliance, performance and ON COMPLETION OF THE COURSE, DELEGATES WERE ABLE TO: 100%high performing can it lead and drive through its stewardship Accountability and performanceDene the nature, important components and requirements of OF DELEGATES organisation. sustainability Measurement and evaluation criteria for board effectivenesscorporate governance frameworksWHO IS THIS PROGRAMME FOR? Board oversight and assurance, and stakeholder engagement Understand how to set direction, and control performance andsaid the stated course learning objectives were met This programme is designed for current and future executive and non-Improvement, development and succession planningcompliance stated that their personal learning objectives were also met executive Board Members and Senior Executives. It will consider all Identify the behavioural and procedural requirements of antold us that the course will make a positive impact on theiraspects of effectiveness, including the structural, technical, ethicalDURATION FEE DATE VENUEeffective internal control regime workplace performanceand attitudinal elements that lead to meaningful change. Manage information in such a way that reduces riskUnderstand the different types of boards, what they are 05 days2,750 04 - 08 April 2022 London Understand specic issues in bank risk management10 - 14 October 2022London Fantastic training, made a realCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Plan for and monitor corporate performancepositive impact.accountable for and to whomBy incorporating safety precautions on our face-to-face training courses, including strict hygiene protocols, paperless teaching andASHENAFI ASFHA, Board Director, Zemen Bank, Ethiopia42e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'