b'PREMIUM PROGRAMMETHE LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE20% OFF 20% TOOLKIT FOR BOARDS AND SENIORJAN-MARWOMEN IN LEADERSHIPOFFCOURSES JAN-MAR EXECUTIVES COURSESBuild an invaluable network, share insights and solutions and take the Cultural expectations of how men and women are encouragednext step on your leadership journey with this empowering two-week to view their worth and assert themselves course.This course addresses the specic needs of women in the workplace, This programme is targeted at women who are aspiring to improvecreating a trusting and non-competitive environment in which their leadership capabilities. It will assist women to better understandparticipants can identify their capabilities and develop a plan for what drives and sustains successful leadership, their personalgrowth and improvement away from the pressures of the work motivations and strengths, and how best to work within a demandingenvironment and every-day life. It is highly interactive and environment while maintaining a reasonable balance between worksupplemented by site visits, group discussions, ongoing feedback and home life. You will learn and develop the skills and condence youand, at request, 1-2-1 coaching sessions. need to reach your goals and unlock your potential. This programme is essential for any woman aspiring to accelerate her Delegates will be examining their own leadership behaviour and howcareer and grow as a leader. to build on their strengths to generate success within the workplace. Training will also focus on developing greater emotional intelligenceCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: and resilience to be able to overcome self-limiting beliefs and bias in Clearly understand your current strengths and weaknesses as aorder to communicate more effectively with authority, grow in leader and develop a strategy for improvement and development condence and build inuence.Gain condence and power within your organisational hierarchyAct with greater condence and ownership of your chosenWHY A WOMAN-ONLY PROGRAMME? leadership style Its clear that men and women are equally capable of becoming good Improve your strategic change management skillsleaders. However, research shows that the path for women is often Become more politically astute and build strategic alliances Globally, the rst quarter of the 21st century is the era of governance, and theless straight-forward. Factors impacting on womens path to Communicate with improved clarity and authority leadership positions can include: pursuit of good governance is very high on international, national and organisational Develop greater personal self-condence and inspire and Organisational bias based on traditional, masculine notions ofmotivate yourself and your staffagendas in this ever more complex business world. what makes a good leaderOutmoded approaches to recruitment and development that DURATION FEEDATEVENUEThis two-week programme combines: Working with our experienced trainers, delegates will be offered 1-2-1 dont help women develop a balanced set of hard and 10 days 4,195 14 - 25 February 2022 London Executive Leadership in ActionShort Course 05 days executive coaching both during and after the programme to help soft skills12 - 23 September 2022 Washington D.C.Corporate Governance for Boards and Senior Executives05 daysembed learnings by addressing their individual leadership and The different ways in which men and women build workgovernance challenges. You will be encouraged to produce a personal relationships and networks Sustainable success is no longer the preserve of nancial strategiesdevelopment plan to use learnings to address the challenges faced and metrics, but intrinsically linked to environmental, social, andwithin your own workplace. CASE STUDYgovernance (ESG) aspects. Organisations around the world are now attempting to develop and deliver essential strategies that work inCOURSE OBJECTIVES: On completion, you will be able to:DEVELOPINGcombination of live online sessions and self-study using online this rapidly evolving global arena. The structural, technical and Understand the purpose and direction of governance and workbook materials.cultural challenges this poses for governance machinery and leadership at the very top of an organisation organisational leadership are immense, and accountability for their Appreciate the challenges, risks and opportunities of corporate STRATEGICThis comprehensive training course combined an examination of effectiveness is now subjected to far more robust scrutiny. strategic decision making and how to integrate effective ESG innovative and strategic thinking with a study of emotional intelligence in a leadership context. Participants were encouraged to Delivering demonstrably excellent corporate governance poses thinkingLEADERSHIP ANDconsider their own behaviour in the context of the Security ServicesDevelop the right organisational culture and lead organisationalsignicant leadership challenges and often requires signicant behaviourdepartment, and the role emotional intelligence can play in delivering change and development. It places expectations, responsibilities and Demonstrate ethical leadership MENTORING SKILLSeffective leadership.accountabilities upon Board Members, Senior Executives and Non-Maintain effective stakeholder engagementExecutives charged with running organisations to strive for a higher Build and maintain personal and organisational trust and The course also included a consideration of the importance of standard of consistent governance excellence.accountabilityFOR THE CENTRALeffective mentoring in successful leadership. Using practical exercisesAppreciate how to undertake effective oversight including and case studies, delegates gained clear insights into how mentoring This interactive and challenging programme recognises that good nancial, information and risk governancecan be used to build more successful and productive individuals, organisational leadership and corporate governance work together inBANK OF NIGERIA teams and organisations. all successful organisations. Excellent corporate governanceKEY TOPICS leadership provides the right strategic direction, high quality and The nature, purpose, principles and practices of corporate On review of the programme, DR CHARLES BASSEY, Head Technical ethical decision making, effective implementation of policies and governanceIn November 2020, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)Support, Central Bank of Nigeria, commented that:organisational control. Through robust leadership, accountability, The purpose and challenges of leadership for Board Memberscommissioned Crown Agents to deliver a ve-day training oversight and assurance, governance goes beyond just legal and Effective organisational decision making and board effectivenesscourse for 23 employees from the Banks Security Servicesregulatory compliance and duties of care and is the key enabler ofThe practical sessions during the achieving the very best outcomes for all stakeholders.Culture and climate of leadership and governance excellencedepartment. The aim of this training was to provideThe values and principles of ethical leadershipdelegates with the skills and knowledge to assist thecourse were very helpful in bringing WHO IS THIS PROGRAMME FOR? Trust, accountability and ownershipimplementation of their vision and supporting strategies, andlearning deliverables into workplaceCollective responsibilities This programme is designed for current and future executive and non-Skills and attitudes of successful Executive and Non-Executive to enhance their understanding of what it takes to be anrealities and it was interesting to see my executive Board Members and Senior Executives. It will bring together Board Memberseffective and successful leader. the full range of expectations, competencies and behaviours requiredcolleagues being immersed in the variousfor Board Members, and takes them on a learning journey to achieveDURATION FEEDATE VENUE THE PROJECT role plays and discussions.It was clearlytheir corporate governance and personal development aims as they10 days 4,750 07 - 18 March 2022DubaiDue to the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, CBN transition from being a doing board into a governing board. a worthy investment of organizational and 06 - 17 June 2022Londonrequested this course to be delivered remotely over the Zoompersonal resources. 28 November - 09 December 2022 London platform. The programme was constructed using elements of a ipped classroom methodology, with learning delivered through a 28e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300'