b'ABOUT THE PORTFOLIO INDICATIVE STUDY VISITOur cutting-edge management and leadership programmes offer a clear learning pathway as you progress through your career.From Management Development for Executives through to Executive Leadership in Action and The Crown Agents Leadership Retreat, our programmes will empower you to release your full potential as a manager or leader.OUR COLLABORATION WITH THE INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENTA number of our leadership and management courses are endorsed or recognised by The Institute of Leadership & Management (TILM). Using their expertise, The Institute of Leadership & Management quality assures these programmes, ensuring we provide clients with the highest standard of leadership and management development.THE BALTIC EXCHANGE FEATURED TRAINERS Visit locations in this portfolio include the Baltic Exchange, an internationally renowned maritime organisation with a 250-year history and global community of over 600 members. The study tour includes an interactive discussion session with Guy Campbell, ex-Chairman of the Baltic Exchange. Guys career journey from a shipbroker to Chairman of a global organisation is inspirational and delegates will have a chance to hear his experiences and views on the importance of good leadership and staff development. The Baltic Exchange lies at the heart of the Square Mile in the City of London, and this visit gives delegates a chance to see the capitals dynamic business hub. PROGRAMMES FOR EVERY STEP OF YOUR CAREER JOURNEYEffectiveManagement Skills Women Crisis Leadership:Executive LeadershipMARIA OLDERRALPH NAYLORin LeadershipRising to the Challenge in ActionMaria is a charismatic and solution- A natural facilitator of skills focused facilitator who designs anddevelopment in leadership, change, delivers innovative training that focusesinnovation and project working,on individuals needs and their uniqueRalph uses dynamic approacheslearning journey. and real-life situation training to enable Through her extensive international experience, she has an in- delegates to commit to decisions and depth appreciation of how to bring learning to life.actions, both personal andA highly inspirational leadership and development professional,organisational.Maria has over 30 years experience of delivering pragmatic and practical training across North America, Canada, Europe, AfricaHe has extensive experience working with many organisations in and Asia. the public, private and third sectors.Developing Future The Crown AgentsManagementWith a focus on the practical applications of training Ralph has an MSc in Organisational Behaviour and is a member ofDevelopment for Leaders Leadership Retreatmaterials, her coaching style encourages delegates to drive andThe Learning and Performance Institute, Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and the Institute of Leadership &Executives implement change at both the individual and organisational level.Management. 22e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 23'