b'ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT PROCURMENT:20%PPP ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS: APPLICATION, OFF FRAMEWORK, PROJECT CYCLE (APMG CP3P STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION JAN-MAR COURSES Foundation Certicate)Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) systems have become an Plan effectively for an e-GP implementation and manage key This course is based on the PPP Guide developed by APMGCOURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: integral component of procurement reform for governments around risks and benets realisation International, the most reputable global accreditation and Identify potential projects to be managed as a PPPthe world as they move to institute efficient and transparent Integrate e-GP with nancial management systems (IFMIS)examination institute. At the end of the programme delegates will take Adhere to best international practices to structure a PPP project procurement systems that address issues of corruption. Procure an e-GP system provider and assess supplier the APMG CP 3 P Foundation exam to become a recognised PPP Evaluate an existing project governance structure and identify performanceFoundation professional. the means to successfully implement a PPP These systems can deliver signicant efficiency gains and nancial Help tackle mistakes, irregularities and fraud using yourParticipate in a PPP project team and contribute to preparingsavings for governments while enabling the provision of improved e-GP systemThis comprehensive ten-day, ten-module programme will build project structure and contracts citizen services. The World Bank and all major donors are strongunderstanding of the importance of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Help design PPP project selection criteria within a legal frameworksupporters of e-GP roll-out.KEY TOPICSframework, focussing on the basis structure, types, and processes ofUnderstanding the key concepts of e-GPa successful PPP project. KEY TOPICS This course identies how paper-based public procurement systems Assessing your readiness to adopt e-GP and creating a strategy PPPs in infrastructure sectorscan be transformed using e-GP, demonstrating how it can be used to Aligning business, e-GP and e-Government strategyIt identies the underlying principles and elements of PPP good Motivation and caveats of PPPs optimise procurement performance and reduce bureaucracy for Planning the procurement of an e-GP system and ensuringpractice that are applicable in most emerging markets and developing The basic structure of a PPP project bidders by exploiting powerful ICT tools. sustainabilityeconomies. Delegates will study a broad denition and the basic Causes and types of project failureICT and e-GP foundationsfeatures of a PPP project, and how this contrasts with traditional Introduction to the PPP framework conceptAn essential course for all practitioners looking to introduce or Risks, governance and legal frameworksprocurement processes. They will also identify the benets and Overview of a PPP project cycle improve an e-GP system. System integration and modicationpotential challenges of implementing PPPs as a procurement option.e-GP system procurementABOUT APMG INTERNATIONAL: COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Open Contracting and the Open Contracting Data StandardOn this highly practical programme, delegates will develop anCrown Agents is in the process of applying to become an APMGDescribe the end-to-end e-GP system model Compliance and complaints managementunderstanding of the need to develop a PPP framework and how toAccredited Training Organisation (ATO) - this course is subject to carefully manage the PPP process, with a focus on its phase, activities,successful application. This course covers the syllabus of the APMGAssess your e-GP readiness and choose between standard or CP 3 P Foundation certicate. Delegates will take the Foundationtailor-made systemsDelegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS. outputs and decision cycle. Delegates will also receive training onexam through APMG International. Articulate e-GP business benets and KPIs and develop an Infrastructure Finance and an introduction to Islamic Finance, as welle-GP strategyDURATION FEEDATEVENUE as an examination of the role of MDBs, government, and the privateDURATION FEEDATEVENUE Apply good practice change management to an e-GP project05 days2,49521 - 25 March 2022Washington D.C.sector in successfully implementing a PPP. 10 days 4,45016 - 27 May 2022London 10 - 14 October 2022 Washington D.C. 10 - 21 October 2022 Washington D.C.PPP PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACT20%PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACT OFF MANAGEMENT FOR WORKS ANDMANAGEMENT JAN-MAR COURSES CONSULTANCY SERVICESThis course will take delegates through the key elements and Describe the key differences between PPP procurement and This specialised 10-day programme focuses on two areas of Evaluate competitive bids and proposals challenges of the process for procuring a private partner to deliver a conventional procurementprocurement that, while closely connected, can require specic Negotiate and award contracts that align with your budget andPPP project, addressing the key differences between PPP Understand the main components of a sound PPP contract skillsets and present challenges for procurement professionals. project goals procurement and conventional public procurement.management framework Appreciate contract management issues that are crucial for Monitor PPP partner technical and nancial performance and Delegates will explore all phases of the procurement process for effective procurementParticipants will gain a thorough understanding of how to procure, manage issues and disputes which arise during the life of Works as well as Consulting Services. Topics covered include: strategy Put improved project-management skills to work negotiate and manage PPP contracts, dealing effectively with the the contractand organisation of procurement; planning and management of Actively engage in the management of procurement issues suchissues that might arise over the operational life of a PPP contract. Appreciate the importance of monitoring and managing public procurement operations; identifying the correct procurement as risks, innovation and sustainabilitysector risk over the operational life of a PPP projectprocedure and selection methods; preparation of procurement Learning from consultants with many years front-line experience ofdocuments; evaluation of bids/proposals; negotiation and award ofKEY TOPICS PPP procurement and contract management, they will leave equippedKEY TOPICScontract; contract management. Delegates will also learn the Organisation and strategy of procurements for Works andwith the essential skills needed to create a strategy, manage the Procurement strategies and processfundamentals of effective project management and how the project Consulting Services transaction, close the deal and monitor and manage partner Investor interestscycle relates to the procurement cycle.Improving project management skills performance. Dialogue with potential partners Planning and management of procurement operations Tendering for a PPPThe course will examine practical experiences of civil works projects, Key processes for procurement of Works and Consulting services COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to: Contracting issues and management frameworkincluding the coordination of the design and supervision services. Preparation of Procurement DocumentsUnderstand the key principles of PPP and the implications ofBid criteria, evaluation and awardEmerging crucial issues will be introduced, including identication Evaluation of bids and proposalsPPP for sound public nancial management Payment and performance mechanismsand management of procurements risks, innovation in procurement, Contract negotiation and awardDevelop a realistic procurement strategy and plan for a givenNegotiation skills and partner relationship managementsustainability and green procurement.Contract managementPPP project Monitoring performanceAppreciate the perspectives of the private sector in achieving aDispute resolution COURSE OBJECTIVES:On completion, you will be able to:Delegates receive one years affiliate membership of CIPS. successful outcome to the procurement process Undertake procurement for Works as well as Consultancy Services Explain the importance of value for money and affordability in DURATION FEEDATE VENUEwith greater condenceDURATION FEEDATEVENUE the evaluation of bids and the award of a PPP contract10 days 4,195 10 - 21 January 2022London Set up and implement the required processes and procedures for 10 days 4,195 18 - 29 July 2022LondonAppreciate the benets of competitive negotiation and the skills successful procurementrequired to effectively negotiate a PPP contract 20 June - 01 July 2022DubaiAdhere to international standards in procurement and prepare 14 - 25 November 2022London procurement documentsSelect the best contractors and service providers 96e: trainingbookings@crownagents.co.uklt: +44 (0)20 3940 4300 w: crownagents.com/training 97'